Recrystallization and Grain Growth III

Volumes 558-559

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Tomohiro Takaki, A. Yamanaka, Yoshihiro Tomita

Abstract: The novel coupling recrystallization model is proposed in this study. First, the deformation microstructure was simulated by the finite...

Authors: Mihaela Teodorescu, Patrice Lasne, Roland E. Logé

Abstract: The present work concerns the simulation of metallurgical evolutions in 3D multi-pass forming processes. In this context, the analyzed...

Authors: Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Andrzej Baczmanski, Jacek Tarasiuk, Paul Lipiński, Brigitte Bacroix, Alain Lodini

Abstract: Plastic deformation induces the dislocation and residual stress fields, which rest in a material after releasing of applied external...

Authors: Cheng Wu Zheng, Na Min Xiao, Dian Zhong Li, Yi Yi Li

Abstract: The kinetics and microstructure evolution during static recrystallization (SRX) of hot-deformed austenite in a low carbon steel are...

Authors: Dana Zöllner, Peter Streitenberger

Abstract: An improved Monte Carlo (MC) Potts model algorithm has been implemented allowing an extensive simulation of three-dimensional (3D) normal...

Authors: Shen J. Dillon, Martin P. Harmer

Abstract: The grain growth kinetics of silica and calcia doped alumina at 1400oC and their grain boundary complexion is characterized. These data are...

Authors: M.C. Kim, D.A. Kim, Joong Kuen Park

Abstract: The effect of carbon addition on the grain growth and ordering kinetics of FePt film has been experimentally studied by sputter-depositing...

Authors: Jung Kyu Jung, Soo Hong Choi, Myoung Joon Jang, Jae Woo Joung, Young Chang Joo

Abstract: Use of silver (Ag) nanoparticle suspension for various applications such as ink-jet printing of electronic circuits has been of prime...

Authors: Sang Jin Lee

Abstract: Multi-component ceramic composites consisting of two, three and four phases, based on duplex microstructures of zirconia and alumina, were...

Authors: Eva Ravn Nielsen, Maria Augustesen, Kenny Ståhl

Abstract: Mineral wool products can be used for thermal and acoustic insulation as well as for fire protection. The high temperature properties and...


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