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Authors: Hidehiro Yoshida, Koji Morita, Byung Nam Kim, Keijiro Hiraga, Takahisa Yamamoto, Taketo Sakuma
Authors: Giuseppe Carlo Abbruzzese, Massimiliano Buccioni
Abstract:The statistical model of grain growth is able to predict the effect of Zener drag on the grain size distribution evolution and on grain...
Authors: Katsumi Nakajima, Yasushi Tanaka, Yoshihiro Hosoya, Markus Apel, Ingo Steinbach
Abstract:Cooperative growth of pearlite is simulated for eutectoid steel using the multi-phase field method. This allows to take into account...
Authors: Vladimir Yu. Novikov
Abstract:Grain growth controlled by particles able to move together with grain boundaries is investigated by means of numerical simulation. The...
Authors: Fumihiro Wakai
Abstract:Three-dimensional numerical simulation of sintering was performed to illustrate the interplay between surface and grain boundary in particle...
Authors: Myrjam Winning, Dierk Raabe, Abhijit P. Brahme
Abstract:The study presents an analytical model for predicting crystallographic textures and the final grain size during primary static...
Authors: Yu Bin Zhang, Andrew Godfrey, Mark A. Miodownik, Wei Liu, Qing Liu
Authors: L.A. Barrales-Mora, Lasar S. Shvindlerman, Volker Mohles, Günter Gottstein
Abstract:A 3D Vertex Model has been successfully implemented to investigate the evolution of a special grain assembly during grain growth. The model...
Authors: Abhijit P. Brahme, Joseph M. Fridy, Anthony D. Rollett
Abstract:A model has been constructed for the microstructural evolution that occurs during the annealing of aluminum alloys. Geometric and...
Authors: Shi Hoon Choi, Y.S. Song, Jong Kweon Kim, B.J. Jung, Yong Bum Park
Abstract:Uniaxial compression tests on hot-rolled AZ31 Mg alloy were carried out at a temperature of 300°C. In order to investigate work hardening...
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