Materials Research

Volumes 610-613

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Na Ru Zhao, Ying Jun Wang, Li Ren, Xiao Feng Chen

Abstract: Chitosan membranes were prepared by solvent cast method. In order to increase cell adhesion of the chitosan membranes, oxygen plasma...

Authors: Ying Huan Kuang, Tungwai Leo Ngai, Chang Xu Hu, Yuan Yuan Li

Abstract: Ti3SiC2 is a bioinert material. The combination of high fracture toughness, excellent corrosion resistance and easy machinability make it a...

Authors: Shi Heng Yin, Ying Jun Wang, Li Ren, Lian Na Zhao, Hao Chen, Jia Qu

Abstract: Oxygen plasma was employed to treat a fluorosilicone acrylate RGP contact lens material (Boston EO) in order to improve surface...

Authors: Li Ren, Lian Na Zhao, Shi Heng Yin, Ying Jun Wang, Hao Chen, Jia Qu

Abstract: In order to improve the surface hydrophilicity and the resistance to protein deposition of fluorosilicone acrylate RGP (rigid gas permeable)...

Authors: Xiang Nan Li, Xiao Ming Chen, Wei Lan Hu

Abstract: In situ synthesis technique of β-tricalcium phosphate(β-TCP)/ Na-doped 58S bioglass composite powders were investigated. Firstly, the β-TCP...

Authors: Jin Chen, Hai Yan Zhang, Li Ping Li

Abstract: A nano-carbon and iron composite--carbon coated iron nanoparticles produced by carbon arc method can be used as a new kind of magnetic...

Authors: Ming Run Wang, Sen Yang, San Jun Wang

Abstract: To further improve the bioactivity of Ti6Al4V alloy and to accelerate bone growth, the porous TiO2 coating containing calcium and phosphate...

Authors: San Jun Wang, Sen Yang, Ming Run Wang

Abstract: Fluor-hydroxyapatite (FHA) films were deposited on titanium and laser gas nitrided titanium substrates using sol-gel technique respectively....

Authors: Xiang Rong Zhang, De Wu Liu, Guang Hua Guo, Yan Peng

Abstract: The development of skin tissue engineering provides a noninvasive method for skin restoration. Unfortunately, the lack of a vascular plexus...

Authors: Li Yu, Feng Lin Wu, Tuan Ma, Min Ting Wu, Li Li Zhou

Abstract: Objective: To investigate effects of bFGF and collagen on tissue-engineered cartilage in pellet culture. Methods: Rabbit rib growth-plate...


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