Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIII Volume I

Volumes 626-627

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Rong Di Han, Jian Wu

Abstract: Drilling is one of the complex machining ways. The object of this investigation was to study cutting deformation in drilling by finite...

Authors: Xing Wei Sun, Hong Cui, Ke Wang, B. Wang

Abstract: Along with the development and advance of science and technology, the quantity demanded of high technology and high performance mechanical...

Authors: Li Feng Yang, Shu Ren Zhang, W.N. Liu, Yu Yang, Y.J. Zhang

Abstract: The main component of turbine is made up of stator and rotor, w hose function is to transform liquid energy in to mechanical energy on the...

Authors: B.L. Hu, Qin He Zhang, F. Wang, Jian Hua Zhang

Abstract: An axisymmetric two-dimensional thermal model, whose boundary conditions are constantly changing both in magnitude and position, has been...

Authors: Xi Feng Fang, T.X. Lan, Sheng Wen Zhang, W. Jia, Tong Yue Wang

Abstract: Rule-based reasoning (RBR) and weight decision making have been widely used in a lot of decision support systems. According to the waste...

Authors: X.F. Tang, Wei He, Y.S. Liu

Abstract: A new one-side finish machining method for the profile of globoidal indexing cam in high speed, which modifies the tool path of traditional...

Authors: Liang Yi, Yun Huang, G.H. Liu, Z. Huang

Abstract: This article introduces a new way combining electrochemical and traditional abrasive grinding belt called Electrochemical Abrasive Belt...

Authors: Rui Bin Xiong, Ying Lin Ke, Pu Jin Huang

Abstract: In order to reliably keep and fasten the aligned posture of large components such as fuselage in aircraft digital assembly, a new adaptive...

Authors: Yao Nan Cheng, Zhen Jia Li, Min Li Zheng, Yong Gang Zhao

Abstract: Based on the milling force testing experiments on machining the carbon structural 45 steel, the study on the distributing principle of force...

Authors: W. Li, C.F. Guo, X.Q. Tang

Abstract: Aiming at the existed deficiency of integrated application of digital technologies, the integration scheme of digital...


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