Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIII Volume I

Volumes 626-627

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: J.P. Chen

Abstract: A modeling method termed as the discrete time hybrid Diagnosis (DTHD) is presented to constructure models for a hydraulic punching machine....

Authors: Guang Bin Wang, Y.I. Liu, X.Q. Zhao

Abstract: Locally linear embedding (LLE) algorithm is an unsupervised technique recently proposed for nonlinear dimension reduction. In this paper,LLE...

Authors: B.P. Tang, F. Li, W.Y. Liu

Abstract: A new fault diagnosis method to suppress cross terms of Wigner-Ville distribution (WVD) using Adaptive Short-time Fourier Transform (ASTFT)...

Authors: Tun Dong Liu, Y. Han, H. Su, Ying Wang

Abstract: In order to meet the increasing requirements for express elevator control system and its intelligence and security, ARM chip is applied to...

Authors: W.J. Wang, Zheng Hao Ge, Meng Jiang, C.L. Li

Abstract: The key technologies about the 3D reconstruction of the bone SCT image for fast biological manufacture is discussed in this paper. Methods...

Authors: Xing Ma, Y.Y. Hu, Xiao Ming Wu, J. Liu, Zhuo Xiong, Y.N. Yan, R. Lv, J. Wang

Abstract: Three-dimensional (3D) highly porous poly (DL-lactic-co-glycolic acid)/tricalcium phosphate (PLGA/TCP) scaffolds were fabricated using a...

Authors: Yun Feng Liu, X.H. Shao, X.T. Dong, Wei Peng

Abstract: Advanced engineering techniques have been used in medical area wildly, but experience of surgeon is still relied heavily in dental implant...

Authors: Xin Li Tian, Jun Fei Yang, Chao Liu, Ai Bing Yu

Abstract: With reference to the principle that the strong detonation wave generates the transient dynamic high pressure, the small power pulse power...

Authors: Dong Xiang Chen, Jia Li, Chen Zhao

Abstract: On the basis of analyzing the shortcomings of the current technics for grooves machining, this paper deals with the development of Numerical...

Authors: Yan Cong Li, Yan Shen Xu, Lian Hong Zhang

Abstract: Based on characteristic of stainless steel material, its milling performance is analyzed. Milling force of 1Cr18Ni9Ti stainless steel was...


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