Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIII Volume I

Volumes 626-627

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yuan Zhang

Abstract: In view of low efficiency and high cost during the operation of the manufacturing and assembly line to redistribute workpieces, this paper...

Authors: G.K. Zhao, F.J. Wang, Wei Liu, X.H. Lu

Abstract: The classical job-shop scheduling problems (JSP) become assembly job-shop scheduling problems (AJSP) if assembly constraints are attached to...

Authors: Dong Juan Xue, W.X. Zhang

Abstract: To solve dynamic modification consistency of production plan and scheduling for process manufacturing enterprises, firstly the integrated...

Authors: Hong Kui Feng, Jin Song Bao, Jin Ye

Abstract: A lot of practical problem, such as the scheduling of jobs on multiple parallel production lines and the scheduling of multiple vehicles...

Authors: C.F. Guo, C.X. Gu

Abstract: A new kind of work-in-progress control system (I-WCS) is proposed, in which two control algorithms, the proportional & integral control (PI)...

Authors: Jun Yuan Li, J. Zheng, Xian Feng Jiang

Abstract: Computer Aided Industrial Design System is a key component of the product digital design platform. It is equally important to control its...

Authors: Chun Xiao Ye, Yun Qing Fu

Abstract: In PDM system, there exist many users, such as employees, partners, and customers. To protect resource from illegal access, it is very...

Authors: L.X. Ma, S.C. Dong, Jie Wang

Abstract: Based on the quality survey of the working procedure of interior hole grinding of the ceramic shaft bush parts, this paper analyzes and...

Authors: Hui Bin Sun, R. Mo, Zhi Yong Chang

Abstract: In order to servitize manufacturing enterprises and meet the need of product service system, approaches to servitization are studied. Design...

Authors: Jian Jun Liu, Qing Xin Chen, Ning Mao

Abstract: To achieve the short and reliable due date of mould, it is crucial to control effectively the production of shop floor. A job release...


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