Advances in Materials Manufacturing Science and Technology XIII Volume I

Volumes 626-627

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Mei Zhang, Yan Yan, R.H. Wang, Jia Hao

Abstract: To utilize vehicle design knowledge reasonably and effectively, ontology is introduced in this paper and vehicle design domain ontology is...

Authors: Yu Chuan Song, Y.J. Wang, J.X. Yin, Fei Liu, L.H. Jiang

Abstract: Information System Planning (ISP) plays an important role in IT strategy. ISP not only faces complicated and dynamic business environment...

Authors: H.B. Xu, Jie Zhang, J.G. Cao, W.M. Huang, Q.S. Liao, P.W. Zhang

Abstract: Due to the problems of very serious wear, serious scale and poor ability to controlling strip shape of work roll, considering the...

Authors: W.J. Cao, D.J. Hu

Abstract: DM feature based CNC machining automatic programming technology for rotational parts is studied. Dividing part hierarchy and feature...

Authors: Jun Li Li, Ming Chen, Bin Rong

Abstract: The nickel-based superalloy GH80A has been widely used in kinds of aeronautical key structures because of its high yield stress and...

Authors: Xin Wang, Yuan Shan Lin, Di Wu, D.W. Yang, X.K. Wang, Shun De Gao

Abstract: Along with the development of simulation technology, systems of three-dimensional simulation are being used in more and more domains. The...

Authors: Wei Qiang Gao, Qiu Sheng Yan, Bo Xie, Jia Bin Lu, Hong Jin

Abstract: The design and machining quality of mold core of luminaire reflector is the key to luminaire manufacturing. According to the structural...

Authors: Qing Ming Wen, L.Y. Zhou, Z.W. Liu

Abstract: The three-dimensional figure of a toroidal worm is obtained according the simulation based on the mathematical model. The key of this is the...

Authors: H.M. Wang, T.Y. Wang, Xiao Jun Guo

Abstract: Organizing production on orders is one important mode for small and medium corporations. In this mode, logistics and purchase are to be...

Authors: Yong Yong Zhu, S.Y. Gao

Abstract: Dynamic balance of the spatial engine is researched. By considering the special wobble-plate engine as the model of spatial RRSSC linkages,...


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