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Authors: Liang Huo, Zhi Qiang Han, Bai Cheng Liu

Abstract: A cellular automaton (CA) model has been developed for simulating the microstructure evolution and dendrite morphology of cast magnesium...

Authors: Kunio Matsuzaki, Yoichi Murakoshi, Toru Shimizu, Kaoru Kikuchi

Abstract: Machined AZ31 alloy chips were consolidated by hot-pressing and then hot-extrusion at 300 °C, and their workability was evaluated. The...

Authors: Tatsuya Morikawa, Yuuki Mitani, Kenji Higashida

Abstract: Inhomogeneous deformation in a magnesium alloy with long-period stacking order (LPSO) phase has been investigated using high-precision...

Authors: A.V. Nagasekhar, Carlos H. Cáceres, Mark Easton

Abstract: Specimens of rectangular and circular cross section of a Mg-9Al binary alloy have been tensile tested and the cross section of undeformed...

Authors: Dominic Phelan, Nicole Stanford, B. Thijsse, Jilt Sietsma

Abstract: The deformation behaviour of magnesium single crystals under plane strain conditions has been examined using molecular dynamics modelling....

Authors: Lukas Bichler, Comondore Ravindran

Abstract: Application of magnesium alloys potentially plays a key role in weight reduction of automotive and aerospace components. Majority of...

Authors: Yang Shan Sun, Jing Bai, Feng Xue

Abstract: The creep behavior of two series of magnesium alloys, Mg-4Al based alloys with strontium addition and binary Mg-Nd alloys, has been studied....

Authors: Mayumi Suzuki, Kouichi Maruyama

Abstract: Compressive creep behavior of hot-rolled (40%) Mg-Y and Mg-Y-Zn alloys are investigated at 480 ~ 650 K. Creep strength is substantially...

Authors: Hisaki Watari, Yoshimasa Nishio, Ryoji Nakamura, Keith Davey, Nobuhio Koga

Abstract: This paper describes the twin roll casting technology of magnesium alloys that contains relatively high weight ratio of aluminum, such as...

Authors: Akira Watazu, Ichinori Shigematsu, Masataka Hakamada, Kazutaka Suzuki, Xin Sheng Huang, Naobumi Saito

Abstract: A new ECAP process method called rotary-die ECAP (RD-ECAP) was developed to form fine-grained bulk materials such as aluminium alloys,...


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