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Authors: Masazumi Arao, Yasuhide Inoue, Ryoutarou Ando, Yasumasa Koyama

Abstract: To understand dielectric properties around the ferroelectric tetragonal (FT)/rhombohedral (FR) phase boundary in Pb1-xLax(Zr1-yTiy)O3, the...

Authors: G.J. Chen, Y.H. Shih, Jason S.C. Jang, S.R. Jian, P.H. Tsai, H.W. Chen

Abstract: In this study,the (FePt)94-xCu6Nbx (x=0, 2.87, 4.52, 5.67) alloy films were prepared by co-sputtering. The effects of Nb addition content...

Authors: X.F. Wang, X.Y. Chen, Z.L. Jiang, Y. Chen, H.M. Chen

Abstract: Nd2Fe14B/-Fe nanocomposite permanent magnet contains the hard and soft magnetic phases, Nd2Fe14B and -Fe respectively. An exchange...

Authors: C.J. Choi, J.H. Yu, Jung Goo Lee

Abstract: The formation of Fe nanopowders by Plasma Arc discharge process and sintering behavior of Fe nanopowder has been investigated. The effect of...

Authors: Yasuhide Inoue, Masazumi Arao, Go Shindo, Yasumasa Koyama

Abstract: To understand a stability of the orbital-modulated (OM) state in Sr2-xRxMnO4 (R = Pr, Nd), the crystallographic features of oxide samples...

Authors: Marco Vittori Antisari, Daniele Mirabile Gattia, L. Brandão, Renzo Marazzi, Amelia Montone

Abstract: Carbon nanostructures are under deep investigation due their peculiar properties and possible applications. In particular, development of...

Authors: Antoni Roca, Jordi Llumà, Jordi Jorba, Núria Llorca-Isern

Abstract: Measurements of the elasticity modulus and Poisson’s ratio on nanostructured iron obtained by mechanical milling and on nanostructured...

Authors: S.C. Sharma, H.N. Narasimha Murthy, Shanmukha Nagaraj

Abstract: This paper highlights a systematic investigation (related to percentage addition of solvents) of finding the appropriate solvent to reduce...

Authors: Shogo Oda, Hiroyuki Tanaka, Shunichiro Tanaka

Abstract: We have developed a bottom-up growth technology for nanostructures from a Cu surface by Ar ion irradiation. Cu2O conical...

Authors: Hiroshi Fujiwara, Hideyuki Tanaka, Masashi Nakatani, Kei Ameyama

Abstract: Mechanically milled austenitic stainless steel powder is applied to hot roll sintering (HRS) process. Microstructure and mechanical...


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