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Authors: Tomohiro Tanaka, Kiyotaka Matsuura, Keisuke Kojima, Munekazu Ohno

Abstract: TiC−Fe system cermets and TiC−SUS310L (TiC−SS) system cermets with fully relative density have been produced from elemental powders via...

Authors: T. Kujime, Hideo Nakajima

Abstract: The lotus-type porous carbon steel with cylindrical pores has been fabricated by continuous zone melting technique in pressurized mixture of...

Authors: Robin Pourzal, Ralf Theissmann, Birgit Gleising, Sophie Williams, Alfons Fischer

Abstract: Since the introduction of CoCrMo alloy metal-on-metal hip replacements have shown a great clinical performance. Metal-on-metal couplings...

Authors: Ji Lin Yu, Er Heng Wang, Liu Wei Guo

Abstract: The phenomenological constitutive framework for compressible elasto-plastic solids presented by Chen and Lu [1] is extended to the dynamic...

Authors: Olaf Andersen, Jens Meinert

Abstract: Sintered metal fiber structures show a favourable ratio between pressure drop and inner surface area. Their exclusively open-cell morphology...

Authors: Naritoshi Aoyagi, Shigeharu Kamado, Yo Kojima

Abstract: Porous aluminum alloy has been developed by powder metallurgy route using Spark plasma sintering (SPS) technique. Sintered material was...

Authors: T. Akita, Masahide Gotoh, Sergey V. Dobatkin, Kazuo Kitagawa, Yukio Hirose

Abstract: In the present study, ultra fine-grained low carbon steel samples were processed by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP). Mechanical...

Authors: Andrey Belyakov, Rustam Kaibyshev, Yuuji Kimura, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: The structural recrystallization mechanisms operating in an Fe – 27%Cr – 9% Ni dual-phase (ferrite-austenite) stainless steel after large...

Authors: Ganesh Niranjan, Chakkingal Uday

Abstract: There is increasing interest in using Al alloy sheets for auto body applications. However Al alloys exhibit poor drawability as indicated by...

Authors: Young Hoon Chung

Abstract: Equal Channel Angular Rolling (ECAR), the severe plastic deformation process, is suitable for shear deforming long and thin sheet...


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