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Authors: Hideki Hosoda, Yosuke Horiuchi, Tomonari Inamura, Kenji Wakashima, H.Y. Kim, Shuichi Miyazaki

Abstract: In order to increase critical stress for slip in Ti-Nb base shape memory alloys, strengthening by carbon additions (0.2 and 0.5mass%C) to...

Authors: M. Ashraf Imam, Arne W. Fliflet, Ralph W. Bruce, C.R. Feng, Chad Stephenson, A.K. Kinkead, Steven H. Gold

Abstract: We present results on microwave, millimeter-wave, and millimeter-wave-driven plasma-assisted processing of materials. The research is...

Authors: Koji Inada, Hidetoshi Fujii, Young Su Ji, Yoshiaki Morisada, Kiyoshi Nogi

Abstract: Friction powder processing (FPP) has been developed based on the principle of friction stir welding (FSW) or friction stir processing...

Authors: Tomonari Inamura, Y. Yamamoto, Hee Young Kim, Kenji Wakashima, Shuichi Miyazaki, Hideki Hosoda

Abstract: Stress amplitude dependence of internal friction (tanδ) of a Ti-base shape memory alloy, Ti-24mol%Nb-3mol%Al, with a well developed texture...

Authors: Shozo Inoue, K. Hori, N. Sawada, N. Nakamoto, T. Namazu

Abstract: We have deposited the Ti-Ni-X films having various compositions while keeping the Ti content to be ~50at% by means of triple-source dc...

Authors: Satoshi Kishimoto

Abstract: New methods to fabricate a metallic closed cellular material for smart materials using an isostatic pressing and penetrating method are...

Authors: Yoshihiko Kunieda, Hiroshi Shimofuruya, Tomoyuki Tanigawa, Yasuyuki Ito

Abstract: The use of microwave heating has now been applied to a wide variety of industrial fields. Especially, the use of microwave energy for the...

Authors: Katsuhiro Maekawa, Kazuhiko Yamasaki, Tomotake Niizeki, Mamoru Mita, Yorishige Matsuba, Nobuto Terada, Hiroshi Saito

Abstract: The silver NanoPaste® having silver nanoparticles with 5 nm in average diameter, coated either on a polyimide substrate or a copper one, is...

Authors: Yukio Makino, Kiyoshi Mizuuchi, Masao Tokita, Yasuyuki Agari, Masakazu Kawahara, Kanryu Inoue

Abstract: Capabilities of synthesizing new structural and functional materials by SPS processing were indicated by exemplifying the synthesis of...

Authors: Jürgen Merker, C. Scheckenbach, Bernd Fischer, David F. Lupton, Iryna Kravchenko

Abstract: For the production of endless glass fibres, the use of glass fibre bushings made of PtRh alloys is necessary. The manufacturing process for...


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