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Authors: Andrzej Kiełbus, Tomasz Rzychoń, Roman Przeliorz

Abstract: The paper presents the results of DSC and microstructural investigations of Elektron 21 magnesium alloy in as cast condition and after...

Authors: Kenji Miwa, Ming Jun Li, Takuya Tamura

Abstract: We have developed the refinement process of the microstructure of metallic materials by imposition of electromagnetic vibration force during...

Authors: Shigekazu Morito, Ryota Igarashi, Keiichiro Kamiya, Takuya Ohba, Tadashi Maki

Abstract: The development of blocks and subblocks in the lath martensite was observed with SEM/EBSD and TEM/Kikuchi diffraction patterns analyses....

Authors: Koji Murakami, Makoto Hino, Atsushi Saijo, Teruto Kanadani

Abstract: Corrosion protection by anodization and conversion treatment in phosphate solution was studied by microstructural and electrochemical...

Authors: Masafumi Noda, Yoshihito Kawamura

Abstract: Lightweight Mg alloys are being widely adopted in electronic devices and automotive parts. However, the mechanical properties of Mg alloys...

Authors: Hitoshi Okouchi, Yoshikazu Seki, Takahiro Sekigawa, Hirohito Hira, Yoshihito Kawamura

Abstract: Interests in magnesium alloys increase as eco-material for its lightweight, and many investigations have been carried out on the development...

Authors: S. Spigarelli, Mohamad El Mehtedi, D. Ciccarelli, Menachem Bamberger, Giuseppe Cupitò, Y. Rami

Abstract: The high temperature response in torsion and creep of two extruded Mg-Zn alloys was investigated in the present study. The alloy 0...

Authors: Leszek Adam Dobrzański, Tomasz Tański, Jacek Trzaska

Abstract: In this paper there are presented results of the optimization of heat treatment conditions, which are temperature and heating time during...

Authors: Serge Tcherniaeff, Franck Girot, Ivan Iordanoff

Abstract: The understanding of the weld formation process in FSW is difficult due to: (1) the complexities resulting from coupled physical...

Authors: B.L. Xiao, Dong Wang, J. Bi, Z. Zhang, Z.Y. Ma

Abstract: 6 mm thick SiCp/2009Al composite and 2024Al-T351 alloy plates were successfully joined by friction stir welding (FSW) with and without the...


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