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Authors: Da Wei Hu, Xin Hua Wu

Abstract: The microstructural characteristics and room temperature tensile ductility in some cast TiAl alloys were analyzed. It was found that grain...

Authors: Haruyuki Inui, Takashi Oohashi, Norihiko L. Okamoto, Kyosuke Kishida, Katsushi Tanaka

Abstract: The values of all the three independent single-crystal elastic constants and polycrystalline elastic constants of Co3(Al,W) experimentally...

Authors: Yoshitaka Iwabuchi, Isao Kobayashi

Abstract: NiAl possesses the superior oxidation resistant and Ni3Al shows the good high temperature strength. Various castings with NiAl and Ni3Al...

Authors: Peter Janschek

Abstract: A new material is available that displays the high temperature mechanical properties of nickel alloys at half the density –the intermetallic...

Authors: Matahiro Komuro, Yuichi Satsu, Hiroyuki Suzuki

Abstract: Nd2Fe14B magnets could be sintered using terbium fluoride coated Nd2Fe14B powders. Fluorine atoms were segregated at the triple junctions...

Authors: Dariusz Kuc, Grzegorz Niewielski, Jerzy Gawąd

Abstract: The major problem restricting universal employment of intermetallic phase base alloy is their low plasticity which leads to hampering their...

Authors: Juraj Lapin, Zuzana Gabalcová, Tatiana Pelachová, Oto Bajana

Abstract: Microstructure and mechanical properties of a new cast air-hardenable intermetallic Ti-46Al-8Ta (at.%) alloy are studied. Primary...

Authors: Patrick J. Masset, Rossen Yankov, Andreas Kolitsch, Michael Schütze

Abstract: Surfaces of titanium aluminides were treated by fluorine either physically using Plasma Immersion Ion Implantation (PI³) or chemically with...

Authors: Mitsuhiro Matsuda, Katsutoshi Hayashi, Minoru Nishida

Abstract: The relationship between the microstructure and mechanical properties on the ternary ZrCoNi alloys has been investigated. Zr50Co50-xNix...

Authors: Sven Neve, Kurt Stiebing, Lothar P.H. Schmidt, Hans Eberhard Zschau, Patrick J. Masset, Michael Schütze

Abstract: Using the halogen effect TiAl-alloys can be protected against high-temperature oxidation. Two different fluorination methods were applied to...


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