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Authors: Julio Aguilar, Ulrike Hecht, Andre Schievenbusch

Abstract: Over the past years significant efforts were dedicated to developing production processes for aerospace and automotive parts from light...

Authors: Yu Yong Chen, Yan Fei Chen, Fan Tao Kong, Shu Long Xiao

Abstract: The paper outlines some research work that has been conducted in Harbin Institute of Technology, on the fabrication of TiAl alloys. The...

Authors: Masahiko Demura, Ya Xu, Toshiyuki Hirano

Abstract: Texture evolution during recrystallization and grain growth was examined for a Ni3Al/Ni two-phase single crystal (binary Ni-18 at.% Al) 83%...

Authors: Alexander Donchev, Michael Schütze

Abstract: The oxidation resistance of TiAl-alloys can be improved by several orders of magnitude by treating the surface of the materials with small...

Authors: Ulrich Froebel

Abstract: Forged and extruded TiAl products suffer from structural and chemical inhomogeneities that reduce the reliability of components. In an...

Authors: Maik Fröhlich, Reinhold Braun, Christoph Leyens

Abstract: In this study the oxidation resistance of Ti-45Al-8Nb (at.%) alloy coated with quaternary Ti-Al-Cr-X layers (X = Si, Hf, Y, Zr and W) was...

Authors: Susanne Gebhard, Piet Peters, Dan Roth-Fagaraseanu, Felix Turley, Heinz Voggenreiter

Abstract: The impact behaviour of the TiAl alloy TNBV3B produced on three different processing routes - cast, forged (with a relatively small degree...

Authors: Koji Hagihara, Mayumi Mori, Takuya Kishimoto, Yukichi Umakoshi

Abstract: D022-Ni3V contains three variants whose [001] c-axes are mutually perpendicular. In addition, due to the order-disorder transition the...

Authors: Gilbert Hénaff, Olivier Berteaux, Mustapha Jouiad, Marc Thomas

Abstract: The relation between microstructural parameters, microscopic cyclic deformation mechanisms and macroscopic cyclic strain hardening is...

Authors: E. Héripré, D. Caldemaison, A. Roos, J. Crépin

Abstract: The aeronautic and automotive industries have shown a renewed interest in TiAl based alloys. The main reasons for such an interest are...


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