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Authors: Carlos Camurri, Claudia Carrasco, Antonio Pagliero, Rafael Colás

Abstract: The suitable yield stress of Pb-0.07%Ca-1.3%Sn anodes of 6 mm thickness for copper electrowinning is achieved by means of deformation and...

Authors: Norbert H. Menzler, Wolfgang Schafbauer, Hans Peter Buchkremer

Abstract: Anode-supported solid oxide fuel cells (SOFC) are manufactured at Forschungszentrum Jülich by different wet chemical powder processes and...

Authors: L. Brandão, Daniele Mirabile Gattia, Renzo Marazzi, Marco Vittori Antisari, S. Licoccia, A. d’Epifanio, Enrico Traversa, A. Mendes

Abstract: One of the factors limiting direct methanol fuel cells (DMFC) performance is the slow kinetics of methanol oxidation at the anode. The...

Authors: Hao Zhong, Tatsumi Ishihara, Hiroshige Matsumoto

Abstract: Cermet anode of NiFe(9:1)-La0.9Sr0.1Ga0.8Mg0.2O3 (LSGM) (90:10 weight ratio) was studied for direct CH4 fueled SOFC operating at...

Authors: In Yong Kang, Hans Heinrich Carstensen, Anthony M. Dean

Abstract: The use of diesel fuel to power a solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) presents several challenges. A major issue is deposit formation in either the...

Authors: Günter Schiller, Erich Gülzow, Mathias Schulze, Norbert Wagner, K. Andreas Friedrich

Abstract: The study of the behaviour of fuel cells by using various in-situ and ex-situ diagnostic methods is a main topic at the German Aerospace...

Authors: Wei Liang Wang, Kazuhiro Ishikawa, Kiyoshi Aoki

Abstract: In general, hydrogen permeabilityΦ of the alloy membrane is expressed as the product of the hydrogen diffusion coefficient D and the...

Authors: Pawel Szarek, Kouhei Watanabe, Kazuhide Ichikawa, Akitomo Tachibana

Abstract: We report the new structures of aluminum hydrides derived from the Al4 tetrahedral cages. We perform ab initio quantum chemical calculation...

Authors: Koji Tanaka, Tetsu Kiyobayashi, Nobuhiko Takeichi, Hiroshi Miyamura, Shiomi Kikuchi

Abstract: Super-laminates have been attracting attention since co-authors Ueda et al. reported that Mg/Cu super-laminates showed reversible...

Authors: Chih Yao Chen, Jeng Kuei Chang, Kuan Yu Lin, Sung Ting Chung, Wen Ta Tsai

Abstract: Nano-sized nickel particles were dispersed on multi-walled carbon nanotubes (MWCNTs) via an improved electroless deposition route using a...


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