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Authors: Donato Firrao, Paolo Matteis, Chiara Pozzi

Abstract: Metals exposed to small charge explosions, even in absence of overall deformation, show characteristic and permanent microstructural...

Authors: Tetsuyuki Hiroe, Kazuhito Fujiwara, Hidehiro Hata, Mitsuru Yamauchi, Kiyotaka Tsutsumi, Takuya Igawa

Abstract: Explosive loading techniques are applied to expand tubular cylinders, spherical shells and rings of 304 stainless steel to fragmentation,...

Authors: Kazuyuki Hokamoto, Palavesamuthu Manikandan, Akihisa Mori

Abstract: The possibility of the use of underwater shock wave to weld a thin plate onto a base plate is demonstrated in the present investigation. The...

Authors: Shiro Kubota, Tei Saburi, Katsumi Katoh, Tomotaka Homae, Yuji Ogata, Mitsuaki Iida

Abstract: The development study of blast containment vessels for anti-terrorism has been conducted. The goal of this study is to develop safe disposal...

Authors: Tsutomu Mashimo

Abstract: Through the measurement of Hugoniot parameters, we can get useful information about high-pressure phase transitions, equations of state...

Authors: Kunihito Nagayama, Yasuhito Mori

Abstract: Polymer materials have widespread applications in various situations for structural materials by themselves as well as by combining with...

Authors: Joost Van Slycken, Patricia Verleysen, Joris Degrieck

Abstract: In this paper some highlights are presented of an integrated numerical and experimental approach to obtain an in-depth understanding of the...

Authors: Li Li Wang, Shao Qiu Shi, Yong Gang Wang, Yong Zhong Wang

Abstract: At high strain rates, the dynamic response of concrete, a heterogeneous material with damage, was experimentally studied under (1)...

Authors: Yasuhiro Yogo, Kouji Tanaka, Koukichi Nakanishi

Abstract: An in-situ observation method for structures at high temperature is developed. The new observation device can reveal grain boundaries at...

Authors: Young Hee Cho, Arne K. Dahle

Abstract: New Mg-10wt%Ni hydrogen storage alloys were fabricated by casting which is a very simple and cost effective production process. Alloying...


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