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Authors: Grzegorz Moskal

Abstract: The thermal barrier coatings (TBC) enable to lower temperature (at approx. 170°C) of operating elements in a hot section of gas turbine to a...

Authors: Kenji Suzuki, Takahisa Shobu

Abstract: As the top coating, zirconia with 4 mol% yttria was electron beam-physical vapor deposited (EB-PVD) on the bond coating of CoNiCrAlY. The...

Authors: Manuel Klemenz, Volker Schulze

Abstract: Shot Peening is a well established mechanical surface treatment to induce compressive residual stresses and work hardening into the surface...

Authors: M. Ahmadian, M. Reid, Rian Dippenaar, Tara Chandra, David Wexler, Andrzej Calka

Abstract: The densification behavior of WC composites based on iron aluminide binder was investigated using laser scanning confocal mi¬croscopy...

Authors: M.A. Azmir, Praveena Nair Sivasankaran, Z. Hamedon

Abstract: This thesis deals with carbon fiber reinforced plastics (CFRP) composites, an advanced material which is widely used in manufacturing...

Authors: Nobuyuki Fuyama, Akira Terayama, Toshio Fujii, Hajime Tani, Shinji Danjo, Gen Sasaki

Abstract: To develop the small engine used for the wireless control helicopter, a very high power density source will be required. The rotary engine...

Authors: Q.W. Wang, Y.C. Feng, Guo Hua Fan, Gui Song Wang, Lin Geng

Abstract: In this paper, the milling process of WO3 and aluminum particles is studied. Influences of rotate rate, milling time and ball-to-powder...

Authors: Daniel J.S. Gonçalves, Luís Miguel P. Durão, João Manuel R. S. Tavares, Victor Hugo Costa Albuquerque, António Torres Marques

Abstract: The distinctive characteristics of carbon fibre reinforced plastics, like low weight or high specific strength, had broadened their use to...

Authors: K.J. Lee, Y.T. Chen, H.Z. Cheng, Jason S.C. Jang, P.C. Chang, S.W. Lin, Y.D. Chen

Abstract: This study is to investigate tribological behavior of brake lining materials by hot pressing commercial friction powders with ceramic...

Authors: Masayuki Mizumoto, Takeshi Ohgai, Akio Kagawa

Abstract: In order to develop the alumina fiber reinforcements optimized to FRMMCs, the effect of characteristics of alumina fibers on the fabrication...


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