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Authors: Yasuhiro Hoshiyama, Kentaro Hirano, Hidekazu Miyake

Abstract: In the thermal spraying process, spray material is heated, melted, and accelerated by a high temperature flame. Thermal spraying can produce...

Authors: Abdoul Fatah Kanta, Véronique Vitry, Fabienne Delaunois

Abstract: Nickel-boron coatings were synthesized on mild steel by the electroless deposition method. Some of the coatings were submitted to a...

Authors: Kaoru Kawasaki, Katsuya Ujita, Jun Takahashi, Masaaki Sugiyama, Kazuto Kawakami

Abstract: From the point of view of nitriding treatment(570°C), Cu precipitation is also occurred in the steel containing 1.3mass%Cu at this...

Authors: Hideyuki Okumura, K. Arai, Y. Nishiyama, Eiji Yamasue, Keiichi N. Ishihara

Abstract: Catalytic ability on 12 kinds of carbide powders was investigated at room temperature using NOx gas degradation. They are largely classified...

Authors: H. Khalid Rafi, G.D. Janaki Ram, G. Phanikumar, K. Prasad Rao

Abstract: Friction surfacing is a novel solid state surface coating process with several advantages over conventional fusion welding based surfacing...

Authors: Uwe Reisgen, B. Balashov, L. Stein, C. Geffers

Abstract: During the last years, materials science has focused more and more on the development of nanomaterials. Reasons for that are the enormous...

Authors: M. Litwińczyk-Kwaśnicka, M. Rozpondek, J. Siwka

Abstract: The recycling of aluminium packagings is the complex process in due to of the variety of applied varnishes. The compounds of these varnishes...

Authors: Tadeusz Frączek, Michał Olejnik

Abstract: This work presents the results of investigations of unconventionally glow-discharge nitrided 316L austenitic steel. The process of nitriding...

Authors: Satoshi Kitaoka, Tsuneaki Matsudaira, Masashi Wada, Tomohiro Kuroyama

Abstract: The transformation from metastable polymorphs to stable alpha-Al2O3 in the scale formed on a CoNiCrAlY alloy is accelerated under lower...

Authors: Chang Jiu Li, Xin Kun Suo, Guan Jun Yang, Cheng Xin Li

Abstract: Diamond/NiCrAl composite powder with a diamond content of 40vol.% is prepared by mechanical alloying process with diamond powder and NiCrAl...


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