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Authors: Phong A. Tran, Love Sarin, Robert H. Hurt, Thomas J. Webster

Abstract: Selenium (Se) nanoclusters were coated on three different orthopedic materials: Titanium, stainless steel and ultra high molecular weight...

Authors: Masato Ueda, Takahiro Kinoshita, Yuumi Sasaki, Masahiko Ikeda, Michiharu Ogawa

Abstract: The combined chemical-hydrothermal synthesis of TiO2 and CaTiO3 films on pure Ti substrates was examined with a focus on film crystallinity...

Authors: Ramiro M. Irastorza, Sergio Valente, Fernando Vericat, Eugenia Blangino

Abstract: The increasing research on development of novel bio-materials has resulted in several studies on non-destructive evaluation methods for...

Authors: Eugenia Blangino, Ramiro M. Irastorza, Sergio Valente, Fernando Vericat

Abstract: Economical reasons to research and develop new materials are very strong and the main market for biotechnology is human health. Bone is one...

Authors: Nina von der Höh, Dirk Bormann, Arne Lucas, Fritz Thorey, Andrea Meyer-Lindenberg

Abstract: Resorbable magnesium alloy implants for osteosynthetic surgery would be advantageous to common implants of titanium or surgical steel as a...

Authors: Abdelilah Benmarouane, Helene Citterio-Bigot, Guillaume Geandier, T. Hansen, Pierre Millet, Alain Lodini

Abstract: The quantitative evaluation of the preferential orientation of crystallites by the synchrotron and neutron diffraction techniques during...

Authors: Lawrence E. Eiselstein, Robert D. Caligiuri

Abstract: Implantable medical devices must be able to withstand the corrosive environment of the human body for 10 or more years without adverse...

Authors: Matthieu Dubois, Abdeljalil Nady, Aaron Krawitz, Thilo Pirling, Alain Lodini

Abstract: In the present study, the evaluation of the deformation and the determination of the first order residual stresses in shot peened aluminium...

Authors: Waldemar Alfredo Monteiro, E.M.R. Silva, L.V. Silva, W. de Rossi, S.J. Buso

Abstract: A localized source of heat, such as that of laser beam, can provide a convenient means of producing a surface layer of altered...

Authors: L.C. Gontijo, R. Machado, L.C. Casteletti, S.E. Kuri, Pedro A.P. Nascente

Abstract: An expanded austenite layer is formed on the surfaces of austenitic stainless steels that are nitrided under low-temperature plasma. This S...


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