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Authors: Adele Carradò, Hervé Pelletier, Jacques Faerber, Gilles Versini, Ion N. Mihailescu

Abstract: We report results on Pulsed Laser Deposition (PLD) of ceramic thin films for biomedical applica-tions. The coating of metallic implants with...

Authors: Agata Dudek, Renata Włodarczyk, Zygmunt Nitkiewicz

Abstract: Bipolar plates (BPs) are key components of fuel cells. Functions of materials used for fuel cells include equal distribution of gas fuel and...

Authors: Patrick Elter, Regina Lange, R. Thull, Ulrich Beck

Abstract: In this study the influence of edges and spikes of a topographical nanostructure on the adsorption behavior of proteins at a solid-liquid...

Authors: Claudia Fleck

Abstract: Bone is a complex natural composite material built of organic and anorganic components and very well adapted to the in vivo loading...

Authors: Nuno Eduardo Dias Gueiral, Elisabete Maria da Silva Marques Nogueira, Antonio Manuel de Amaral Monteiro Ramos

Abstract: One the mechanisms of failure in total hip arthroplasty in cemented prosthesis is cement fatigue. The main objective of this work is to use...

Authors: Takumi Haruna, Itsuki Shinohara

Abstract: It has been tried to develop Ti-Ca alloys which demonstrates corrosion resistance in an aqueous fluoride solutions. The Ti-Ca alloys were...

Authors: Po Hui Chen, Ting Yun Kuo, Da Ming Wang, Juin Yih Lai, Hsyue Jen Hsieh

Abstract: Chitosan was used in this study to form polyelectrolyte complex (PEC) with water-soluble acidic polysaccharides, including gum arabic and...

Authors: Takuya Ishimoto, Tatsushi Sakamoto, Takayoshi Nakano

Abstract: A microbeam X-ray diffractometer is a powerful tool to analyze oriented biological apatite (BAp) crystallites in bones since BAp orientation...

Authors: Sengo Kobayashi, Ryoichi Ohshima, Kiyomichi Nakai, Tatsuaki Sakamoto

Abstract: Isothermal phase transformation in Ti-15Nb-10Zr (at%) alloys has been examined by mainly means of transmission electron microscopy....

Authors: Jee Wook Lee, Keita Kawahara, Takayoshi Nakano

Abstract: The diagnosis of hard tissues is generally carried out by bone mineral density (BMD) measurement as a bone quantity parameter. BMD, however,...


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