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Authors: Setsuo Takaki

Abstract: Grain size dependence of yield strength was reviewed for polycrystalline ferritic iron and low carbon steel. Yielding of polycrystalline low...

Authors: Michel Jeandin, Dimitris Christoulis, Francois Borit, Marie Helene Berger, S. Guetta, G. Rolland, Vincent Guipont, Eric Irissou, Jean Gabriel Legoux, Christian Moreau, M. Nivard, L. Berthe, M. Boustie, W. Ludwig, K. Sakaguchi, Y. Ichikawa, Kazuhiro Ogawa, S. Costil

Abstract: Basically, thermal spray and laser processing can be considered as half brothers since they show many common features due to the use of a...

Authors: Dong Nyung Lee

Abstract: The oriented-nucleation and oriented-growth for recrystallization (Rex) textures of electrodeposits, vapor deposits, and plastically...

Authors: Paul van Houtte, Anand Krishna Kanjarla, Laurent Delannay

Abstract: A CPFE model was used for an assessment of the assumptions used by the ALAMEL model concerning grain interactions. A finite element mesh was...

Authors: Valerie Randle, Richard Jones

Abstract: Recently the distribution of grain boundary planes in metals and other materials has begun to be studied in addition to the misorientation...

Authors: Yu Dong Zhang, Claude Esling, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo

Abstract: In this paper, some of our recent results in phase equilibrium, microstructure, texture and precipitation resulting from the application of...

Authors: Brajendra Mishra, J.J. Moore, Jian Liang Lin, W.D. Sproul

Abstract: High power pulsed magnetron sputtering (HPPMS) is an emerging thin film deposition technology that generate high ionization plasma by...

Authors: Woong Seong Chang, Heung Ju Kim, Sung Wook Kim

Abstract: In attempts to improve the performance of dissimilar joints between AZ31 Mg alloy and different Al alloys, solid state joining processes...

Authors: Jong Taek Yeom, Jeoung Han Kim, Jae Keun Hong, Nho Kwang Park, Chong Soo Lee

Abstract: Microstructure evolution during ring rolling process of a large-scale Ti-6Al-4V ring was investigated with the combined approaches of three...

Authors: Sverre Gulbrandsen-Dahl, Knut E. Moen, Flemming J.H. Ehlers, Calin D. Marioara, Ketill Olav Pedersen, Knut Marthinsen

Abstract: Standard and high resolution transmission electron microscopy (TEM) and advanced post processing of the TEM images have been applied for...


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