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Authors: V.M. Imayev, Renat M. Imayev, Timur G. Khismatullin, T. Oleneva, Volker Gühter, Hans Jörg Fecht

Abstract: Microstructure and hot workability have been considered for a number of -TiAl alloys including -solidifying TNM alloys. All TNM alloys...

Authors: Suk Bong Kang, Dong Bae Kim, Sang Su Jung, Kwang Jun Euh

Abstract: Aluminum alloys are commonly used as a material for heat exchangers due to their higher thermal conductivity and specific strength among...

Authors: K. Karhausen, Wolfgang Schneider

Abstract: The industrial production of aluminium strip comprises a rather long process chain. One of the characteristics of aluminium alloys is that a...

Authors: Myoung Gyun Kim, Gyu Chang Lee, Joon Pyo Park

Abstract: Since the Continuous Casting & Rolling of the non-ferrous metal by Illario Properzi have invented in 1944, the various non-ferrous rod, wire...

Authors: Michal Kolar, Ketill Olav Pedersen, Sverre Gulbrandsen-Dahl, Thiemo Brüggemann, Knut Marthinsen

Abstract: In order to investigate the effect of deformation on the aging response of Al-Mg-Si alloys, a series of tensile tests have been designed and...

Authors: Gyu Chang Lee, Myoung Gyun Kim, Joon Pyo Park, Jong Ho Kim, Ju Hee Jung, Eung Ryul Baek

Abstract: Excessive iron in aluminum melt produces needle-shaped beta-AlFeSi intermetallic compounds during solidification. The presence of...

Authors: Xi Wu Li, Bai Qing Xiong, Yon Gan Zhang, Guo Jun Wang, Zhi Hui Li, Bao Hong Zhu, Feng Wang, Hong Wei Liu

Abstract: In this study, the effect of various aging treatment (T6 and T7 treatment) on the mechanical properties, electrical conductivity and the...

Authors: Takashi Maeshima, Hideaki Matsuoka

Abstract: The particle morphology and composition of nanometer-scale Al3(Zr1-xTix) precipitates formed after aging at 450 °C for 1 h in...

Authors: Knut Marthinsen, Shahriar Abtahi, Bjørn Holmedal, Jesper Friis, Erik Nes, Trond Furu

Abstract: A recent work hardening model developed by Nes and co-workers at NTNU, Trondheim provides a unified theory for warm and cold stress-strain...

Authors: Ilya Nikulin, Rustam Kaibyshev, Sergey Mironov, Yutaka S. Sato, Hiroyuki Kokawa, Yoshinobu Motohashi

Abstract: Superplasticity in an Al-6%Cu-0.45%Mg-0.4%Mn-0.16%Sc-0.12%Zr alloy subjected to intense plastic straining through equal-channel angular...


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