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Authors: Valentin G. Gavriljuk, Vladyslav N. Shyvanyuk, S. M. Teus

Abstract: The electronic concept for hydrogen embrittlement (HE) of austenitic steels is developed based on the hydrogen-caused increase of the...

Authors: D.V. Edmonds

Abstract: Recent decades have witnessed some remarkable advances in engineering steels driven by the need to respond to challenges posed, for example,...

Authors: Francisca García Caballero, J. Chao, J. Cornide, Carlos García-Mateo, Maria Jesus Santofimia, Carlos Capdevila

Abstract: Carbide free bainite has achieved the highest strength and toughness combinations to date for bainitic steels in as-rolled conditions. By...

Authors: C. Isaac Garcia, K. Cho, Ming Jian Hua, Anthony J. DeArdo

Abstract: Modern, cost-effective pipelines are moving beyond the API X70-X80 limits of the 1990s. Over the last few years, more interest has been...

Authors: Andrew A. Howe

Abstract: After discussion of general issues regarding University/Industry collaboration, some examples are described of how this impacts upon Corus...

Authors: Ohjoon Kwon, Kyoo Young Lee, Gyo Sung Kim, Kwang Geun Chin

Abstract: The body design with light weight and enhanced safety is a key issue in the car industry. Corresponding to this trend, POSCO is developing...

Authors: David K. Matlock, Mark D. Richards, John G. Speer

Abstract: With the development of new steels and processing techniques, there have been corresponding advances in the fatigue performance of steels. ...

Authors: Elena V. Pereloma, Ilana B. Timokhina, Tim B. Hilditch, Peter D. Hodgson

Abstract: The performance of multiphase steels with high strength and improved toughness or ductility, such as intercritically annealed dual-phase...

Authors: Roland Taillard

Abstract: The field of application of composites is ever-growing because of their unrivalled combinations of functional and structural properties....

Authors: Oleg D. Sherby, J. Wadsworth, D.R. Lesuer, C.K. Syn

Abstract: The exceptional high hardness of lath martensite in quenched Fe-C steels is explained by the Engel-Brewer valence electron theory for...


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