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Authors: Murray Mahoney, Tracy W. Nelson, Carl Sorenson, Scott Packer

Abstract: Friction stir welding (FSW) offers many potential benefits including reduced distortion, lower cost, no harmful airborne emissions,...

Authors: Fujio Abe

Abstract: The effect of fine precipitates, excess dislocations and sub-boundary hardening on creep strain behavior in the transient region has been...

Authors: Loic Nazé, Jean Loup Strudel

Abstract: The mechanical properties of nickel superalloys are related to the spatial distribution of hardening phases, their size and composition, and...

Authors: Joachim Baumeister

Abstract: Aluminium foams produced according to the powder metallurgical/foaming agent process are currently being used in several industrial sectors,...

Authors: Hideo Nakajima, Ryusuke Nakamura

Abstract: The formation mechanisms of hollow metal oxide through the oxidation of several metal nanoparticles have been studied by transmission...

Authors: Karl Ulrich Kainer, Yuan Ding Huang, Hajo Dieringa, Norbert Hort

Abstract: The present paper presents the development status of creep resistant magnesium materials. It reviews the creep deformation mechanisms of...

Authors: Dominique Jeulin

Abstract: Many nanocomposite materials are obtained by dispersing a charge in a matrix. Due to the conditions of mixing, the arrangement of the...

Authors: Lorella Ceschini, Iuri Boromei, C. Gambaro, Giangiacomo Minak, Alessandro Morri, Fabrizio Tarterini

Abstract: This paper presents the results of microstructural and mechanical characterization of Friction Stir Welding joints of two aluminum-based...

Authors: Jai Sung Lee, W. K. You, B. H. Cha

Abstract: The key concept of nanopowder agglomerate sintering (NAS) process is based on the optimization of structure design and full density...

Authors: Taku Sakai, Hiromi Miura

Abstract: The evolution mechanisms of ultrafine grains processed by severe plastic deformation are studied in ferritic steel, copper and aluminum...


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