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Authors: T. Tokunaga, H. Kaku, H. Miyazaki, F. Masuyama

Abstract: The phase transformation behavior of 9Cr–3W–3Co–VNb steels with boron contents of 47 and 130 ppm has been investigated using differential...

Authors: Sylvia Natividad, Arianna Acosta, Krista Amato, Julieta Ventura, Benedict Protillo, S.K. Varma

Abstract: Nb-20Mo-15Si-5B-20(Cr,Ti) alloys have been subjected to annealing treatment for 2 hours in a range of temperatures from 700 to 1400oC and...

Authors: Lei Wang, Shu Ai Wang, Yang Liu, Guang Pu Zhao

Abstract: Compression test for GH4586 superalloy was carried out at 1273 K and 1373 K with stain from 20% to 60%. The characteristics of dynamic...

Authors: Xi Shan Xie, Shu Hong Fu, Shuang Qun Zhao, Jian Xin Dong

Abstract: The second phase precipitation strengthening effect of , +, + phases in INCONEL718 type and newly developed INCONEL740® Ni-base...

Authors: Tian Biao Yu, Hu Li, Jian Yu Yang, Wan Shan Wang

Abstract: In order to further improve machining quality of superhard materials, it was presented that adds a squeeze film damper on the wheel spindle...

Authors: Hans Eberhard Zschau, Patrick J. Masset, Michael Schütze

Abstract: A new method for the oxidation protection of Ni-base superalloys with relatively low Al-content is proposed. By using the halogen effect the...

Authors: Berend Denkena, Georg Erkens, Bernd Breidenstein

Abstract: Premature collapse in terms of cohesive damage of PVD-coated carbide cutting tools often results in a time and cost consuming immediate...

Authors: Masahide Gotoh, Katsuhiro Seki, M. Shozu, Hajime Hirose, Toshihiko Sasaki

Abstract: The fine-grained rolling steels NFG600 and the conventional usual rolling steels SM490 were processed by sand paper polishing and...

Authors: Hanabusa Takao, Mitsuhiko Shinohara

Abstract: The behavior of thermal stresses and residual stresses in aluminum and copper thin films were investigated by the diffraction of X-rays and...

Authors: Robert C. Wimpory, Uwe Wasmuth, Joana Rebelo-Kornmeier, Michael Hofmann

Abstract: The determination of strain from neutron diffraction data is normally based upon the fit of a Gaussian function to a Bragg reflection. The...


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