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Authors: Hermann Autenrieth, Matthias Weber, M. Deuchert, Volker Schulze

Abstract: As the service life of components is significantly influenced by the surface layer properties, namely surface roughness, surface work...

Authors: Ricardo Nolasco Carvalho, Marcelo A.C. Ferreira, Dagoberto Brandão Santos, Ronaldo Barbosa

Abstract: Torsion and compression testing have been used to simulate microstructure evolution of industry processes. Additionally, mathematical...

Authors: Gilles Damamme, David Piot, Frank Montheillet, S. Lee Semiatin

Abstract: A simple mesoscale model was developed for discontinuous dynamic recrystallization. The material is described on a grain scale as a set of...

Authors: Mario Di Paola, Massimiliano Zingales

Abstract: This paper deals with the generalization to three-dimensional elasticity of the physically-based approach to non-local mechanics, recently...

Authors: Anna Carbone, Bernardino Chiaia, Barbara Frigo, Christian Türk

Abstract: We analyze the distribution of grains in solid cubes of ice in terms of deterministic and stochastic 3d fractal models. We argue that the...

Authors: Andrea Bacigalupo, Luigi Gambarotta

Abstract: Micro-polar and second order homogenization procedures for periodic elastic masonry are implemented to include geometric and material length...

Authors: Dariusz Kuc, Jerzy Gawąd, Maciej Pietrzyk

Abstract: The paper is focused on application of multi-scale 2D CAFE method. CAFE approach consists of Cellular Automata (CA) model of microstructure...

Authors: Grzegorz Stradomski, Henryk Dyja, Z. Stradomski

Abstract: Substantial differences – mainly in plasticity – were found based on statistical analysis of hot rolled bars mechanical properties....

Authors: Ivan Holzer, Ernst Kozeschnik

Abstract: During ageing of Fe-Cu alloys, for standard ageing conditions, peak hardness and strength is often observed after several hours. The...

Authors: Anna Kawałek, Henryk Dyja, Marcin Knapiński

Abstract: In this work there has been conducted theoretical analysis of the process of asymmetric rolling of plate in finishers of plate mills. On the...


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