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Authors: Stan T. Mandziej, Sebastian Waengler, Julio Noack, Rudolf Kawalla

Abstract: Dual-phase steels, developed in the 1970’s, found until now wide applications related to their optimum combination of strength and...

Authors: Heikki Martikka, Ilkka Pöllänen

Abstract: High chromium cast iron material 1.4405 GX4CrNiMo 16-5-1 is successfully used in chemical process industry components loaded with hot,...

Authors: Ilkka Pöllänen, Heikki Martikka

Abstract: In design of process equipment and hot vessel beam joints the real effect of relaxation is considered. Standards make an allowance that some...

Authors: Matthieu Maziere, Samuel Forest, Jacques Besson, Huai Dong Wang, Clotilde Berdin

Abstract: The Portevin Le Chatelier (PLC) effect appears in many metallic materials at different temperatures. Some numerical simulations of this...

Authors: Bohdan Mochnacki, Ewa Majchrzak

Abstract: The system casting-mould is considered. The thermal processes proceeding in a casting sub-domain are described using the one domain...

Authors: Miguel Morales, C. Molpeceres, J.A. Porro, A. García-Beltrán, J.L. Ocaña

Abstract: In the analysis of the thermomechanical behaviour of the target material subject to Laser Shock Processing (LSP), most of the simplified...

Authors: Kiyomichi Nakai, Tatsuaki Sakamoto, Sengo Kobayashi, Kazuto Arakawa, Hirotaro Mori, Masao Takamizawa, Koji Murakami, Makoto Hino

Abstract: A model for the nucleation and growth processes of Sn whisker is offered. High density of localized screw dislocations by deformation form...

Authors: Eric J. Palmiere, F. Bai, R.M. Poths, J. Turner, V. Nagarajan, Bradley P. Wynne, Mark W. Rainforth

Abstract: The development of physically-based models of microstructural evolution during thermomechanical processing of metallic materials requires...

Authors: David Piot, Frank Montheillet, S. Lee Semiatin

Abstract: This experimental work deals with the influence of niobium additions to high purity nickel on dynamic recrystallization behavior during hot...

Authors: J.M. Pyykkönen, David C. Martin, Mahesh C. Somani, P.T. Mäntylä

Abstract: Recent trends in the production of high strength steel plate call for increasingly sophisticated thermo-mechanical treatment schedules,...


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