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Authors: Rudolf Kawalla, Wolfhart Müller, Werner Jungnickel

Abstract: Today the numerical simulation of hot deformation processes is very advanced. But it requires mathematical models for metalphysical...

Authors: M. Kitayama

Abstract: A model for anisotropic Ostwald ripening was developed using a chemical potential (weighted mean curvature) difference as a driving force...

Authors: Marcin Knapiński, Bartosz Koczurkiewicz, Anna Kawałek, Henryk Dyja

Abstract: The article presents the results of physical simulations of the process of rolling plates of steel in the strength category 350÷460MPa on...

Authors: Henryk Dyja, Bartosz Koczurkiewicz, Marcin Knapiński

Abstract: In the present work, low-carbon ultra grained constructional low-alloyed steel were subjected to thermo-mechanical treatment for...

Authors: Anna Konstanciak

Abstract: The article describes the behaviour of coke in the blast furnace. Factors, which cause weakening and degradation of coke lumps at...

Authors: Michal Krzyzanowski, Peter S. Davies, Mark W. Rainforth, Bradley P. Wynne

Abstract: The concept of combining the latest finite element (FE) and discrete element (DE) multiscale numerical technologies for modelling of the...

Authors: Konrad Błażej Laber, Henryk Dyja, Sebastian Mróz

Abstract: The paper presents results of theoretical and experimental studies on the influence of strip temperature reduction at the final stage of the...

Authors: Mehran Maalekian, Ernst Kozeschnik

Abstract: The influence of compressive stress up to 250 MPa and plastic deformation of austenite on the martensite transformation behavior of a...

Authors: Ewa Majchrzak, Jerzy Mendakiewicz

Abstract: The paper deals with the inverse problems appearing in the thermal theory of foundry processes. In particular, the problems connected with...

Authors: Stan T. Mandziej

Abstract: The simulative accelerated creep test (ACT) on Gleeble thermal-mechanical simulator was developed as a response to an overall need of...


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