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Authors: Rene Radis, Gerald A. Zickler, Martin Stockinger, Christof Sommitsch, Ernst Kozeschnik

Abstract: In this paper, the precipitation behaviour of  (Ni3(Nb,Al)) and ’ (Ni3(Al,Ti,Nb)) phases in the nickel-base superalloy ATI Allvac®...

Authors: F. Rossi, Judit Lázár, S. Ignat, J. Quesada

Abstract: Formerly based on empirical knowledge, casting is now inseparable from a scientific approach. Numerical simulation is commonly used to...

Authors: Yoshiyuki Saito, Chitoshi Masuda

Abstract: Thermodynamic stability of Grain boundary in materials under severe plastic deformation was simulated by the Monte Carlo and the phase field...

Authors: Bernhard Sonderegger, Ivan Holzer, Ernst Kozeschnik

Abstract: Interfacial energies are essential in modelling nucleation, growth and coarsening processes in solid materials; especially nucleation rates...

Authors: Yun Bo Xu, Tian Yong Deng, Yong Mei Yu, Xiao Ying Hou, Xiang Hua Liu, Guo Dong Wang

Abstract: The metallurgical equations have been implemented into the finite difference model to predict the microstructure evolution at different...

Authors: Tomasz Sadowski, Liviu Marsavina

Abstract: Two-phase ceramic composite materials, (CMC, e.g. Al2O3/ZrO2), have a non-linear and complex overall response to applied loads due to:...

Authors: Patrizia Trovalusci, Valerio Varano

Abstract: A non-simple continuum model is adopted to grossly describe the behaviour of elastic microcracked bodies. The constitutive relations,...

Authors: Vittorio Sansalone, Patrizia Trovalusci

Abstract: The importance of a multiscale modeling to describe the behavior of materials with microstructure is commonly recognized. In general, at the...

Authors: J.G.F. Wismans, J.A.W. van Dommelen, L.E. Govaert, H.E.H. Meijer

Abstract: A hybrid numerical-experimental approach is used to characterize the macroscopic mechanical behaviour of polymer foams. The method is based...

Authors: Karam Sab

Abstract: The homogenization of elastic periodic plates is as follows: The 3D heterogeneous body is replaced by a homogeneous Love-Kirchhoff plate...


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