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Authors: D.S. Svyetlichnyy

Abstract: Prediction of microstructure evolution and properties of ultrafine-grained materials is one of the most significant, current problems in...

Authors: Chang Shu He, Sadahiro Tsurekawa, Hiroyuki Kokawa, Xiang Zhao, Liang Zuo

Abstract: An AC magnetic field (0.5Tesla) is applied with the field direction perpendicular to the rolling direction during annealing of a 76%...

Authors: Kazuhiko Honda, Kohsaku Ushioda, Wataru Yamada

Abstract: The solidification structure of a hot-dip Zn-11%Al-3%Mg-0.2%Si coating with a Ti addition on a steel substrate was investigated. Steel sheet...

Authors: Tadanobu Inoue, Fu Xing Yin, Yuuji Kimura

Abstract: The evolution of crystallographic texture with equivalent strain, eq, was studied in low carbon steel bars fabricated using multi-pass warm...

Authors: W.P. Tong, W.Y. Chen, Francis Wagner, L. Zuo, J.C. He

Abstract: An IF steel sample was cold rolled to a reduction of 80% and subsequently submitted to annealing treatment at 650°C, 710°C and 770°C for...

Authors: Qiang Wang, Tie Liu, Chun Jiang Wang, Kai Wang, Guo Jian Li, Ji Cheng He

Abstract: Those materials with an one dimensional phase-aligned structure have a large amount of potentiality as engineering materials because of...

Authors: Sebastian Wroński, Krzysztof Wierzbanowski, Brigitte Bacroix, Mirosław Wróbel, M. Wroński

Abstract: The crystallographic texture formation in low carbon steel during asymmetric rolling was studied experimentally and analysed numerically....

Authors: Cynthia S.T. Chang, B.J. Duggan

Abstract: In this work the nucleation of the Cube recrystallised grains in AA6111 was investigated. The alloys were cold rolled to 85% and then...

Authors: Ulf Garbe, Oliver Kirstein, Andrew Studer, Vladimir Luzin, Klaus Dieter Liss

Abstract: In response to the development of new materials and the application of materials and components in new technologies the direct measurement,...

Authors: Patricia Gobernado, Roumen H. Petrov, Daniel Ruiz, Elke Leunis, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The ferromagnetic properties of ferritic steels are known to strongly depend on the direction of magnetization. The <100> are the axes of...


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