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Authors: Hang Sheng Yang, Norihiko Kurebayashi, Toyonobu Yoshida

Abstract: In situ sulphur doping of cubic boron nitride (cBN) films was investigated by adding H2S into a plasma-enhanced chemical vapor deposition...

Authors: Mihail Ionescu, P. Photongkam, D. Yu, R. Siegele, S. Li, D.D. Cohen

Abstract: Modification of electric and magnetic properties of ZnO thin films was achieved by low energy Eu ion irradiation. The desired doping levels...

Authors: Giuliano Angella

Abstract: The work hardening and tensile behaviour of AISI 316L austenitic stainless steel deformed at temperatures between 600 and 1000°C has been...

Authors: Hans Berns, Sascha Riedner, Birger Hussong

Abstract: Joint alloying of 0.85 to 1.1 mass% C + N raises the strength and cold work hardening of steels with 18 to 19 mass% Cr and Mn each and...

Authors: Irene Calliari, Emilio Ramous, Paola Bassani

Abstract: This paper concerns the phase transformation induced by heat treatment and cold rolling in four duplex stainless steel. In 2205 and 2507 ,...

Authors: Hidefumi Date

Abstract: The martensite induced in three types of austenitic stainless steel, which indicate the different stability of the austenitic phase (γ),...

Authors: Siegfried Kleber, Martin Hafok

Abstract: The investigated super duplex steel belongs to the group of stainless steels which exhibits an austenitic-ferritic microstructure with a...

Authors: Naoki Miyano, Akihiro Takahashi, Seigo Kataoka, Kei Ameyama

Abstract: This study focuses on the entire shape of the  twin-precipitate in two phase stainless steel, Fe-25Cr-6Ni in terms of the interphase and...

Authors: Rodrigo P. Siqueira, Hugo Ricardo Zschommler Sandim, Tarcisio R. Oliveira

Abstract: Ferritic stainless steels (FSSs) have excellent corrosion resistance and good mechanical properties. Applications include heaters,...

Authors: B.D. Shanina, Valentin G. Gavriljuk

Abstract: Using the full-potential-full-electron-linearized-augmented-plane-wave (FLAPW) method, we carried out ab initio calculations of the...


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