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Authors: J. Siwka, A. Hutny

Abstract: The values of nitrogen solubility in the liquid Fe-N-Cr alloy and in liquid chromium were determined experimentally. The alloy of a chromium...

Authors: A.G. Svyazhin, Liudmila M. Kaputkina

Abstract: Cast structure of ferric, austenitic and dual-phase high-nitrogen alloys and steels saturated with nitrogen at pressures of up to 3.2 MPa...

Authors: Hitoshi Asahi, Yasuhiro Shinohara, Takuya Hara

Abstract: For the constant transmission of gas through a pipeline, steel weight decreases linearly with an increase in the strength of the linepipe...

Authors: Chun Feng, Bing Zhe Bai, Y.K. Zheng, Hong Sheng Fang

Abstract: The effect of four different niobium(From 0-0.1%) addition on the mechanical properties of allotriomorphic ferrite (FGBA)/ granular bainite...

Authors: Tadashi Furuhara, Naoki Takayama, Goro Miyamoto

Abstract: Grain refinement in lath martensite and bainite structures, which is important for strengthening and toughening, are discussed in various...

Authors: S.W. Yang, L. Cui, Y. He, Xin Lai He

Abstract: Electrochemical measurement, metallographic observation and x-ray diffraction analysis were employed to investigate the further corrosion...

Authors: Shigeki Morita, Shingo Tanaka, Nobuyoshi Ohno, Yuji Kawakami, Takashi Enjoji

Abstract: Pseudoelastic behaviors were observed in compressive and tensile loading-unloading tests at room temperature. The large anelastic strains...

Authors: Mehdi Asadi, Heinz Palkowski

Abstract: The investigations deal with processes leading to local effects of strengthening in multiphase steels, being characterized by good...

Authors: Nuria Sánchez Mouriño, Roumen H. Petrov, Jin Ho Bae, Ki Soo Kim, Leo Kestens

Abstract: The phase transformation and the final microstructure were studied in a pipeline steel grade API-X80 by carrying out a number of physical...

Authors: Kohichi Sugimoto, Shohei Sato, Goro Arai

Abstract: Ultra high-strength TRIP-aided steel consisting of bainitic ferrite matrix and interlath retained austenite films (TBF steel) possesses high...


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