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Authors: Naoki Takayama, Goro Miyamoto, Naoya Kamikawa, Hidenori Nako, Tadashi Maki, Tadashi Furuhara

Abstract: Fe-0.15%C-1.5%Mn-0.2%Si (Nb-free alloy) and Fe-0.15%C-1.5%Mn-0.2%Si-0.03%Nb (Nb-added alloy) were continuously cooled to room temperature at...

Authors: Esa Vuorinen, Xiang Chen

Abstract: The in-situ X-ray diffraction observations of the bainitic transformation of silicon alloyed steels were performed using the high...

Authors: Shan Wu Yang, H.Q. Lv, R. Zhang, Y. He, Xin Lai He

Abstract: Bainite in microalloyed steel possesses excellent synthetic mechanical properties. However, it will probably evolve towards equilibrium...

Authors: Ines Fernández Pariente, J.Manuel Artimez, F.Javier Belzunce, Cristina Rodríguez

Abstract: The aim of this work was the study of the heat treatment optimisation of high chrome steels used for the manufacture of rolling rolls in...

Authors: Shi Chang Cheng, Zheng Dong Liu, Hang Sheng Bao, Jiing Zhong Wang

Abstract: After the heat treatment at 1200 oC 30 minutes followed by water cooling and 700 oC 4 hours for HR3C (S31042) boiler steel, the bar-like...

Authors: Harald Hofmann, Thomas Heller, Sascha Sikora

Abstract: Advanced high-strength steels offer a great potential for the further development of automobile bodies-in-white due to their combined...

Authors: A. Lob, Dieter Senk, S. Geimer

Abstract: At the Department of Ferrous Metallurgy (IEHK) steels grades in the system Fe-Mn-C are under investigation, because extraordinary mechanical...

Authors: V.A. Malyshevsky, E.I. Khlusova, V.V. Orlov

Abstract: Metallurgical industry can be considered as a field most accommodated for perception of nano-technologies, which in the near future will be...

Authors: Felix Peñalba, Xabier Gómez, R. Allende, Manuel Carsí, Oscar A. Ruano

Abstract: The possibilities to improve the properties of steels for tubes exposed at high temperatures are explored. The mechanical properties and...

Authors: Burkhard Wietbrock, M. Bambach, S. Seuren, G. Hirt

Abstract: In this work a hot forming strategy, consisting of forging and hot rolling, to homogenize casted blocks of high-manganese steels with 0.3 %...


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