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Authors: B.Z. Bai, Y. Yu, D.Y. Liu, J.L. Gu

Abstract: A novel carbide free bainite/martensite (CFB/M) high strength steel of 1500MPa grade is micro-alloyed with Nb in order to refine the...

Authors: Ivani S. Bott, A.A.H. Vieira, L. Felipe G. de Souza, Paulo Rangel Rios

Abstract: During the life cycle of an API steel there are occasions when it will be submitted to thermal cycle. For tubes produced by the UOE process,...

Authors: Pablo Rodriguez-Calvillo, Ana Hernandez-Exposito, Ahmed Boulaajaj, Jose María Cabrera

Abstract: The steel production from scrap using continuous cast technology has increased in last decades. Sometimes, steels processed via this route...

Authors: Gonzalo Varela-Castro, Jessica Calvo, Jose María Cabrera

Abstract: The unbending operation is a critical stage of steel continuous casting because it is carried out at thermomechanical conditions for which...

Authors: Jesus Castellanos, Ignacio Rieiro, Manuel Carsí, Julio Muñoz, Oscar A. Ruano

Abstract: The influence of methods for converting torsion data (torque, number of turns and speed rotation) into equivalent variables (true stress,...

Authors: Elaine Carballo Siqueira Corrêa, Maria Teresa Paulino Aguilar, Paulo Roberto Cetlin

Abstract: One of the most significant aspects of the axisymmetric drawing operation is the occurrence of non-homogeneous deformation in the cross...

Authors: Adam Cwudziński, Jan Jowsa

Abstract: The numerical modelling technique is successfully used for simulation of steel flow and behaviour of non-metallic inclusions in the tundish....

Authors: Ali Dehghan-Manshadi, Rian Dippenaar

Abstract: The dissolution of different sulphides, carbides, carbo-sulphides and nitrides during re-heating of hot rolled low carbon, low manganese,...

Authors: Andrea di Schino, Claudio Guarnaschelli

Abstract: The relationship between microstructure and cleavage resistance in quenched and tempered high strength bainitic and martensitic steels is...

Authors: Valeriy Dudko, Rustam Kaibyshev, Andrey Belyakov, Yoshikazu Sakai, Kaneaki Tsuzaki

Abstract: The creep behavior of oxide-bearing Fe-0.6%O steel was studied in the temperature range of 550-700°C at stresses ranging from 100 to 400...


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