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Authors: Satoshi Hironaka, Hiroshi Tanaka, Takashi Matsumoto

Abstract: The mechanical properties of galvannealed dual phase steels bearing Si were investigated, and then the effect of Si on work hardening...

Authors: Byoung Chul Hwang, Chang Gil Lee, Sung Hak Lee

Abstract: High deformability has been considered as a critical factor of ultra-high strength steel plates subjected to compressive, tensile, and...

Authors: José A. Jiménez, Georg Frommeyer

Abstract: The evolution of microstructure and texture in a Fe-22wt%Mn-0.6C% steel during plastic deformation was studied by interrupted tensile tests...

Authors: Timo J. Juuti, L. Pentti Karjalainen, Raimo Ruoppa, Tero Taulavuori

Abstract: The yield strength in austenitic stainless steels can be improved by cold rolling. Recently, it has been realized that a considerable...

Authors: Wlodzimierz Kaluba, T. Kaluba

Abstract: The growth of columnar grains in fully recristallized IF steel during rapid heat cycles was examined experimentally. The heat cycles...

Authors: Edyta Kardas

Abstract: Blast furnace work involves the flow of enormous volumes of raw materials. Modifications of the blast furmace operation parameters can bring...

Authors: Hiroshi Kawakami, Toshiharu Kawabe, Jippei Suzuki

Abstract: Quickness of fracture of Al oxide film is important especially for vacuum free Al/Cu bonding. Displacement amount and rate relate closely...

Authors: Hiroshi Kawakami, Ahmad Faisal, Hitoshi Ozaki, Jippei Suzuki

Abstract: Effect of liner laser irradiation on bending properties of thin high carbon steel plate was investigated in this study. Laser-transformed...

Authors: Hiroyuki Kawata, Kunio Hayashi, Natsuko Sugiura, Naoki Yoshinaga, Manabu Takahashi

Abstract: Lath-shaped upper bainite structures play a very important role in many high-strength steels (HSSs) and ultra high-strength steels (UHSSs)....

Authors: Sung Joon Kim

Abstract: The mechanical properties and microstructures of alternative low carbon TRIP-aided steels in which manganese contents mediate between...


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