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Authors: Hossein Beladi, Pavel Cizek, Peter D. Hodgson

Abstract: An austenitic Ni-30%Fe model alloy was employed to investigate the texture and substructure development within the deformed matrix and...

Authors: Ya Wen Lin, Jui Chao Kuo, Kuan Tai Lui, Delphic Chen

Abstract: For interconnect materials in the microelectronic technology copper has replaced aluminum due to its lower resistivity, higher thermal...

Authors: Toshiro Tomida, Masayuki Wakita, Mitsuru Yoshida, N. Imai

Abstract: Quantitative prediction of transformation textures in steel becomes possible if a variant selection rule is taken into account, in which...

Authors: Pavel Lejček, Aleš Jäger, Viera Gärtnerová, Jaroslava Vaníčková, Jiří Děd, Jakub Haloda

Abstract: The knowledge of the structure/property relationship in polycrystalline materials is the basis for successful application of Grain Boundary...

Authors: E.A. Torres, R. Caram, Antonio J. Ramirez

Abstract: The structural materials phase transformations and failure mechanisms have been under scrutiny for many years. However, the advent of new...

Authors: Wei Guo Wang, Bang Xin Zhou, Hong Guo

Abstract: Five samples of Pb-Ca-Sn-Al alloy with different initial microstructures were processed in the same way including cold rolling with...

Authors: Shuang Xia, Bang Xin Zhou, Wen Jue Chen, Xin Luo, Hui Li

Abstract: The proportion of low ΣCSL boundaries of single phase brass, Ni based Alloy 690, 304 stainless steel and Pb alloy were enhanced to about 70%...

Authors: Sen Yang, Hiroyuki Kokawa

Abstract: To improve intergranular corrosion resistance of 304 stainless steel, a novel method, laser surface remelting combined with annealing...

Authors: Feng Shi Yin

Abstract: In this work, two heats of 9Cr ferritic/martensitic heat resistant steels with different carbon and nitrogen contents were prepared. The...

Authors: P.C. Chang, K.H. Lee, A.N. Tu, S.J. Chang, K.L. Lee

Abstract: Ga doped ZnO (GZO) films were prepared by radio frequency (rf) magnetron sputtering on glass or silicon substrates. Electrical, optical, and...


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