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Authors: Michael Huppmann, Walter Reimers

Abstract: For investigating the twinning and detwinning behaviour under cyclic loading conditions in-situ stress measurements with different applied...

Authors: Oliver Kirstein, Jian F. Zhang, Erich H. Kisi, D.P. Riley, M.J. Styles, Anna Maria Paradowska

Abstract: The ternary ceramic Ti3AlC2 has an interesting combination of electrical, thermal and mechanical properties. Single crystal elastic...

Authors: Vladimir Kostov, Jens Gibmeier, Stephen Doyle, Alexander Wanner

Abstract: An innovative experimental set-up for fast X-ray diffraction analysis on polycrystalline materials has been established at the synchrotron...

Authors: Gennadiy Stepanov, Anatoli Babutsky, Leopold Kruszka

Abstract: The results of investigations of the influence of the treatment based on a direct passage of pulsed electric current of high density through...

Authors: Yi Liang Zhang, Zhao Miao Liu, Jin Yan Liu

Abstract: The x-ray diffraction characteristics of different materials are discussed in this paper. It is found that the accurate determination of...

Authors: Mitsuyoshi Nakatani, Masamitsu Abe, Hidekazu Murakawa, Toshihiko Sasaki

Abstract: There are few reports that evaluated quantitatively the effect of the PWHT (Post Weld Heat Treatment) on the weld residual stress...

Authors: J.L. Ocaña, Miguel Morales, J.A. Porro, M. Blasco, C. Molpeceres, D. Iordachescu, G. Gómez-Rosas, C. Rubio-González

Abstract: Laser shock processing (LSP) is consolidating as an effective technology for the improvement of metallic materials surface properties...

Authors: Carsten Ohms, Robert C. Wimpory, Dimitar Neov

Abstract: Residual stress measurements on a single bead weld on a steel plate had been performed at the High Flux Reactor of the Joint Research Centre...

Authors: Toshihiko Sasaki, Osama Yaguchi, Yuichi Kobayashi

Abstract: In order to study on the effects of grinding of rail head on rolling contact fatigue of rails, residual stress measurements were conducted...

Authors: Cristy Leonor Azanza Ricardo, G. Degan, M. Bandini, Paolo Scardi

Abstract: The residual stress profile in a shot-peened Al alloy component was studied by a recently proposed method based on the known procedure of...


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