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Authors: Noriyuki Y. Iwata, Ryuta Kasada, Akihiko Kimura, Takanari Okuda, Masaki Inoue, Fujio Abe, Shigeharu Ukai, Somei Ohnuki, Toshiharu Fujisawa

Abstract: Two types of oxide dispersion strengthened (ODS) ferritic steels have been produced by mechanical alloying (MA) either in argon or in...

Authors: Sung Min Hong, Dong Joon Min, Eric Fleury

Abstract: Grain boundary serrations were produced in heat-resistant austenitic stainless steel containing Cu by applying after solution heat-treatment...

Authors: Tae Jin Song, Jai Hyun Kwak, Bruno C. De Cooman

Abstract: Thermal cycles of conventional galvanizing and galvannealing processes were applied to low carbon martensitic steels to examine the...

Authors: Mayumi Ojima, Yoshitaka Adachi, Yo Tomota

Abstract: To understand the reason of high work hardening in high nitrogen steel, a scale-bridging analysis consisting of in situ neutron diffraction,...

Authors: Shi Chang Cheng, Zheng Dong Liu, Zhao Jie Lin, Han Sheng Bao

Abstract: Effect of niobium content on laminar precipitate and high temperature mechanical properties of 21-2N vavle steel was systematically studied,...

Authors: Il Dong Choi, Sung Gyu Kang, Ji Hyun Jang, Sung Bok Lee, Moon Hi Hong

Abstract: Bake hardening steels have to resist strain aging to prevent the yield strength increment and stretcher strain during press process and to...

Authors: Yoshinori Murata, Yoshihiro Saoto, Yuhki Tsukada, Toshiyuki Koyama, Masahiko Morinaga, Yasutoshi Sasaki, Yasushi Hasegawa

Abstract: The state of the microstructure of ferritic heat resistant steels during creep was evaluate by the system free energy, which composes mainly...

Authors: Wei Fen Li, Wei Niu, Zhi Ming Hao, Ming Hai Li

Abstract: Experiments of tensile mechanical properties of steel 0Cr18Ni9 are done on the MTS 810 tensile testing machine, and the temperature range is...

Authors: Chris R. Killmore, Daniel G. Edelman, Kristin R. Carpenter, Harold R. Kaul, James G. Williams, Peter C. Campbell, Walter N. Blejde

Abstract: Recent product development has focussed on developing a range of higher strength structural grades, covering the strip thickness range...

Authors: Xiu Jun Li, Yun Peng Chen

Abstract: In recent years, the double cold reduction material (DR material) was developed rapidly with the increase of industry market of computer,...


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