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Authors: Chan Yeol Seo, Xiao Dong Wu, Kiyonori Suzuki

Abstract: It is well known that catalytic additives and mechanical milling are effective in improving hydrogen desorption kinetics of MgH2. In this...

Authors: Kazuhiro Nogita, Marc Jenke, David Wood, Andrew Duguid, Stuart D. McDonald

Abstract: Alloys of the hypo-eutectic Mg-Mg2Ni system can be modified by trace elemental additions which change the microstructure and the functional...

Authors: Liang Zeng, Hiroki Miyaoka, Takayuki Ichikawa, Yoshitsugu Kojima

Abstract: MgH2-LiBH4 system is one of the promising hydrogen storage materials. In the system, it was found that there was a mutual interaction...

Authors: Hideyuki Saitoh, Misato Shimpo

Abstract: The silver decoration method was applied to the Mg-11.3mol%Ni eutectic alloy to investigate hydrogen distribution in it. The plate...

Authors: Young Hee Cho, Arne K. Dahle

Abstract: Magnesium based hydrogen storage materials were prepared by a conventional melting and casting technique. Characterisation of microstructure...

Authors: Eri Morita, Akifumi Ono, Shigehito Isobe, Yong Ming Wang, Naoyuki Hashimoto, Somei Ohnuki

Abstract: We carried out in-situ observation on the catalytic effect of Nb2O5 in MgH2 by using a high voltage transmission electron microscope (HVEM)....

Authors: Vanessa K. Peterson, Cormac Corr, Gordon J. Kearley, Roderick Boswell, Zunbeltz Izaola

Abstract: This paper compares proton diffusion through plasma-polymerised proton-exchange membranes (PEMs) produced using traditional wet-chemical...

Authors: Norbert H. Menzler, Wolfgang Schafbauer, Feng Han, Oliver Büchler, Robert Mücke, Hans Peter Buchkremer, Detlev Stöver

Abstract: Solid oxide fuel cells (SOFCs) enable environmentally friendly energy to be produced with high efficiency. The market entry of SOFC systems...

Authors: Yu Hao Lu, Ramana G. Reddy

Abstract: A micro-DMFC is a promising power source to substitute the lithium battery and used in the portable electronic devices. In this study, the...

Authors: Min Shou Zhao, Li Zhang

Abstract: LiFe1-xNdxPO4 /C cathode material has been synthesized by solid-state reaction. The structure and electrochemical performances of...


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