Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation: NanoSPD5

Volumes 667-669

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Dai Hong Xiao, Min Song, Kang Hua Chen

Abstract: The Al-Cu-Mg-Ag heat-resistant alloy were prepared by ingot metallurgy technology. Effects of serve plastic deformation on microstructure...

Authors: Asiya Nazarova, Radik R. Mulyukov, Yuriy Tsarenko, Vasiliy Rubanik, Ayrat A. Nazarov

Abstract: The effect of ultrasonic treatment on the microstructure, microhardness and thermal stability of pure nickel after high pressure torsion...

Authors: Hui Mi, Qing Nan Shi, Jun Li Wang, Lei Zhou, Liang Wei Chen

Abstract: The ultrafine copper with twins was prepared by asymmetrical accumulative roll-bonding (AARB) and heat treatment. The characteristic of...

Authors: Jan Kratochvíl

Abstract: Within the framework of crystal plasticity the grain refinement observed in metals exposed to severe plastic deformation(SPD) is interpreted...

Authors: Yu Pei Jiang, Xu Yue Yang, Lei Zhang

Abstract: Strain-induced grain refinement in magnesium alloy AZ61 was studied by means of cyclic bending carried out at a temperature 623K. The...

Authors: Margarita Isaenkova, Yuriy Perlovich, Vladimir Fesenko, Olga Krymskaya, Alexander Zavodchikov

Abstract: The deformation behavior of commercial Zr alloys with 1% and 2,5%Nb under compression at temperatures of the (α+β)-region of Zr-Nb phase...

Authors: Wen Bo Du, Xu Dong Wang, Zhao Hui Wang, Shu Bo Li

Abstract: The Mg-5Zn-2.5Er matrix composite reinforced with the in-situ synthesized Mg2Si second phase particles was fabricated via repeated plastic...

Authors: Hao Chen, Gang Tao

Abstract: Copper fragments are found to adhere on penetration channel wall after copper jets penetrate steel target, and the research on it is helpful...

Authors: Yulia Ivanisenko, Hans Jörg Fecht

Abstract: Instrumented high pressure torsion, i.e. mechanical test in a torsion mode under high pressure, allows interesting possibility of materials...

Authors: Erhard Schafler

Abstract: The presence of a hydrostatic pressure as a general feature of SPD methods is essential for achieving the high strains and the introduction...


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