Nanomaterials by Severe Plastic Deformation: NanoSPD5

Volumes 667-669

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Lembit A. Kommel, V. Mikli, R. Traksmaa, M. Saarna, Andrei Pokatilov, S. Pikker, I. Kommel

Abstract: The structurization of a high purity niobium from double electron-beam melted cast microstructure to fine-grained microstructure was...

Authors: Gang Yang, Mu Xin Yang, Zheng Dong Liu, Chang Wang, Chong Xiang Huang

Abstract: Commercial pure iron billets having diameter of 60 mm and length of 180 mm were subjected to equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) at 350 °C...

Authors: Georg B. Rathmayr, Reinhard Pippan

Abstract: Basic research considering the minimum achievable grain size of severe plastic deformation (SPD) materials is often performed with high...

Authors: A.A. de A. Mendes Filho, Vitor Luiz Sordi, Maurizio Ferrante

Abstract: Among the materials employed for orthopedic implants, Ti-6Al-4V is definitely the best choice due to its excellent properties. However, a...

Authors: Jiu Wen Zhang, Marco J. Starink, Nong Gao, Wen Long Zhou

Abstract: The strengthening of AlCuMg(Li) alloys subjected to high pressure torsion (HPT) deformation with strain reversals was studied by...

Authors: Sergey Malopheyev, Alla Kipelova, Ilya Nikulin, Rustam Kaibyshev

Abstract: Superplasticity and microstructural evolution of a commercial Al-5.4%Mg-0.5%Mn-0.1%Zr alloy subjected to severe plastic deformation through...

Authors: Jiří Dvořák, Petr Král, Marie Kvapilová, Milan Svoboda, Vàclav Sklenička

Abstract: A dispersion-strengthened Cu-0.2 wt.% Zr alloy was subjected to equal-channel angular pressing (ECAP) at room temperature for up to 12...

Authors: Tao Suo, Yu Long Li, Feng Zhao, Kui Xie

Abstract: The quasi-static and dynamic compression experiments of ultrafine-grained copper fabricated by equal channel angular pressing method were...

Authors: Mahmoud S. Soliman, Ehab A. El-Danaf, Abdulhakim A. Almajid

Abstract: In the present investigation, annealed billets of commercially pure Al (1050) with coarse-grained microstructure of 0.6 mm were ECAPed...

Authors: Hua Jie Yang, X.H. Shao, S.X. Li, Shi Ding Wu, Z.F. Zhang

Abstract: Equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) has been conducted on as-cast Mg-3%Li-1%Sc alloy for four-passes to study the microstructure...


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