Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: D.G. Sannikov, D.I. Sementsov, S.V. Zhirnov

Abstract: In the present paper the dispersive equation for surface polaritons localized at the ferromagnet - high temperature superconductor interface...

Authors: Stanislav O. Volchkov, Andrey V. Svalov, G.V. Kurlyandskaya

Abstract: In this work magnetoimpedance (MI) behaviour was studied experimentally for Fe19Ni81(175 nm)/Cu(350 nm)/Fe19Ni81(175 nm) sensitive elements...

Authors: S.A. Manuilov, Rickard Fors, S.I. Khartsev, A.M. Grishin

Abstract: Y3Fe5O12 (YIG) films were pulsed laser deposited onto the Gd3Ga5O12(111) substrates. Processing conditions were optimized to obtain films...

Authors: Z.V. Gareeva, R.A. Doroshenko

Abstract: Thickness modes of magnetoelastic waves (MEW) guided by ferromagnetic film have been investigated. Propagation of two mutually perpendicular...

Authors: Vasiliy D. Buchelnikov, D.V. Lousguine-Luzgin, Igor V. Bychkov, A.P. Anzulevich

Abstract: It is known from experimental data that bulk metallic samples reflect microwaves while powdered samples can absorb such radiation and be...

Authors: Judith Spiegel, Isabelle Huynen

Abstract: Microwave devices as circulators or tunable filters demand nowadays small size and broad bandwidth. Ferromagnetic nanowired membranes are...

Authors: Sergey I. Tarapov, M. Khodzitskiy, S.V. Chernovtsev, D. Belosorov, A.M. Merzlikin, A.P. Vinogradov, A.B. Granovsky, Mitsuteru Inoue

Abstract: The mmW band photonic Tamm states in 1D magnetophotonic crystals are studied. It is shown the possibility to manipulate the eigenfrequencies...

Authors: S. Harnsoongnoen, Chiranut Sa-Ngiamsak, Apirat Siritaratiwat

Abstract: This paper reports on the confined-chalcogenide phase change memory with thin metal interlayer (CCTMI) with the operating reset current of...

Authors: Yu.G. Yanovsky, L.Kh. Komissarova, A.N. Danilin, E.I. Zaraysky

Abstract: For the first time, the comparative investigations of structure and sorption efficiency of nano- and microsized magnetic-operated particles...

Authors: Ilona Ilieva Iatcheva, Rumena Stancheva, Hristofor Tahrilov, Ilonka Lilianova

Abstract: The aim of the work is precise coupled –electromagnetic and temperature field analysis of an induction heating system by finite element...


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