Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Pnina Ari-Gur, Giora Kimmel, James W. Richardson, Ashfia Huq, Kapil Sharma

Abstract: The Heusler alloys Ni50Mn25+xGa25-x display magnetic shape memory effect (MSM) with very fast and large reversible strain under magnetic...

Authors: S.G. Erokhin, L.D. Deych, A.A. Lisyansky, A.B. Granovsky

Abstract: We present results of a theoretical investigation of magneto-optical properties in one-dimensional magnetophotonic crystals containing a...

Authors: I.A. Kolmychek, T.V. Murzina, S. Fourier, J. Wouters, V.K. Valev, T. Verbiest, O.A. Aktsipetrov

Abstract: The films containing core (shell) γ-Fe2O3 (Au) nanoparticles that possess the plasmon resonance at the wavelength 550 nm are prepared. The...

Authors: Mansur G. Khusainov, Yurii N. Proshin

Abstract: On the base of new boundary-value problem for the Eilenberger function we investigate the superconducting and magnetic states in...

Authors: V.S. Gorelik, N.I. Yurasov, Y.P. Voinov, M.I. Samoilovich, V.V. Gryasnov

Abstract: Results of optical properties investigations of photonic crystals, filled by ferrites, are presented. The photonic crystals consist of...

Authors: M.A. Anisimov, A.V. Bogach, V.V. Glushkov, S.V. Demishev, N.A. Samarin, N.Y. Shitsevalova, N.E. Sluchanko

Abstract: To shed more light on the peculiarities of ground state formation in RB6 Hall effect in NdB6 and LaB6 has been investigated on the single...

Authors: Kohei Sasage, Naoya Okamoto, Hana Tsujikawa, Takehiro Yamaoka, Eiji Saitoh

Abstract: A pair of magnetic domain walls (DWs) in ferromagnetic NiFe rings has been investigated in terms of the magnetic force microscopy (MFM)....

Authors: A. Titov, E.T. Kulatov, Y.A. Uspenskii, V.V. Tugushev, F. Michelini, H. Mariette

Abstract: Electronic and magnetic properties of GaSb/Mn and GaAs/Mn digital heterostructures were studied using the augmented plane wave method. The...

Authors: I.A. Likhachev, E.M. Pashaev, M. A. Chuev, I.A. Subbotin, V.V. Kvardkov, B.A. Aronzon, V.V. Rylkov, A.Ye. Golovanov, M.A. Pankov

Abstract: In the present contribution the results of the high-resolution X-ray diffraction and X-ray glancing-incidence mirror reflection studies of...

Authors: M.A. Anisimov, V.V. Glushkov, S.V. Demishev, N.A. Samarin, N.Y. Shitsevalova, N.E. Sluchanko

Abstract: The comprehensive study of low temperature magnetoresistance (MR) has been carried out on high quality PrB6 and NdB6 single crystals at...


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