Magnetism and Magnetic Materials

Volumes 152-153

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: A.D. Bozhko, S.V. Demishev, V.V. Glushkov, E.A. Kataeva, N.E. Sluchanko, A.G. Lyapin

Abstract: Basing on the study of the transport in disordered carbon nanomaterials we argue that the correct description of the magnetoresistance can...

Authors: Kamal Sh. Khizriev, Akai K. Murtazaev, Valery M. Uzdin

Abstract: A model for iron/vanadium superlattices was proposed to study the phase transition in multilayers. The temperature dependence of...

Authors: V.E. Shilov, E.V. Shilova

Abstract: Transition from high-spin state to low-spin state is considered in this work. The self - energy in one-loop approximation was calculated....

Authors: M.A. Timirgazin, Anatoly K. Arzhnikov

Abstract: The spin-spiral (SS) type of magnetization is studied with the Hubbard model. Consideration of noncollinearity of the magnetic moments...

Authors: Vladimir I. Grebennikov

Abstract: Thermodynamics of Heisenberg ferromagnets is described by means of a fluctuating exchange field operating on the atomic magnetic moments. A...

Authors: V.N. Men'shov, V.V. Tugushev, E.T. Kulatov

Abstract: The model of exchange coupling between ferromagnetic metal layers across a non-degenerate semiconductor spacer with point-like defects is...

Authors: Akai K. Murtazaev, A.B. Babaev, G.Ya. Aznaurova

Abstract: The effect of quenched nonmagnetic impurities on phase transitions in the three-dimensional Potts model with the number of spin states q=3...

Authors: Akai K. Murtazaev, J.G. Ibaev, Ya.K. Abuev

Abstract: The results for 3D anisotropic Ising model with competing interactions (ANNNI) investigated by the Monte Carlo methods are presented. The...

Authors: B.I. Reser, Vladimir I. Grebennikov, N.B. Melnikov

Abstract: Temperature dependence of magnetic characteristics of Fe and Fe-Ni invar is considered in the dynamic nonlocal approximation of the...

Authors: A.N. Kocharian, G.W. Fernando, K. Palandage, J.W. Davenport

Abstract: Electron coherent and incoherent pairings and other types of correlations are studied exactly for the ensemble of small clusters with...


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