Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Shun Yang, Ke Feng, Tian Tian Yin

Abstract: The preform of Al2O3 fiber was obtained by wet method,and the result shows that the fiber distribution of preform is more uniform after the...

Authors: Rui Xiang Bai, Liang Wang

Abstract: The interfacial reinforcement with interlaminar chopped fibers of piezoelectric composite under impact electro-mechanical load was studied...

Authors: Ya Ping Wu, Zhi Xiang Zha, Li Xia Wang, Yin Hui Wang

Abstract: With the features of high efficiency, low consumption and good mechanical characteristic, thin-walled composite box beams have been broadly...

Authors: Guo Shang Zhang, Shu Zeng Hou, Shi Zhong Wei, Ji Wen Li, Liu Jie Xu

Abstract: This paper dealt with how the aging time and temperature affected the hardness of beryllium bronze layer in the explosive welded...

Authors: Meng Jiao Gao, Lai Chen, Yong Sheng Hua, Mu Su Ren, Jin Liang Sun

Abstract: The ablation properties of C/C-ZrC-SiC composites prepared by precursor infiltration and pyrolysis processes were studied by the...

Authors: Shi Cai Cui, Zhao Bo Meng

Abstract: Calcium silicate for filling material used in dissolved acetylene cylinders was prepared by adding alum as additive. Samples were...

Authors: Noor Hisyam Bin Noor Mohamed, Hasmiryadie Juneh, Mahshuri Yusof

Abstract: Natural fibers are now becoming a subject of interest to replace synthetic fiber as reinforcement materials where the development of natural...

Authors: Yun Dong Sha, Fei Xu, Zhi Jun Gao

Abstract: Carbon-Carbon composite materials are widely used as the surface thermal protection systems (TPS) of advanced high-speed air-craft and...

Authors: Jie Qin, Gong Guo Liu, Fei Hu Long

Abstract: Operation principle of high-pressure briquetter is introduced. According to the problems arised from real production in pilot named as...

Authors: Xia Ping Liu, Zhuo Sun, Hai Yun Huang, Shu Tang, Chun Hui Tang

Abstract: This document deals with the whole process compression model test on 12 short columns of separation concrete-filled steel tubes (CFST) which...


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