Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xing Xing Li, Mei Ping Jiang, Jiang Bin Su

Abstract: High-quality Cu nanowires (CuNWs) were synthesized in high yield by an improved liquid-phase reduction method. In each synthesis, both...

Authors: Nian Chun Zhang, Xiang Yu, En Yong Ding

Abstract: Monodispersed SiO2/Ag core-shell nanoparticles have been synthesized successfully via a facile and fast route. Morphology of the...

Authors: Xin Yan Peng, En Yong Ding

Abstract: A new method was developed to synthesize high active TiO2 nanocrystals by the hydrolysis of titanium (IV) chloride in water at...

Authors: Li Gen Sun, Hui Rong Li, Jia Quan Zhang

Abstract: Heat transfer coefficient, temperature of cooling water and casting speed have definitely influence for the mould thermal state, especially...

Authors: Li Yan, Xue Feng An, Chen Qian Zhang, Xiao Su Yi

Abstract: Damage behavior of composite stiffened plates of structure I and structure II at different positions and under different impact energy...

Authors: Jun Chen, Cai Xia Dong, Yi Jun Zhang, Xiao Mao Zhou, Lian Yang Bai

Abstract: This paper reports a novel colorimetric sensor for pymetrozine based on p-aminobenzenesulfonic acid functionalized silver nanoparticles...

Authors: Wen He, Xiao Jiang Luo, Kui Zhao, Wang Cheng, Chun Hui Zhong

Abstract: High frequency longitudinal guided waves were used to inspect the anchored rock bolts. Experiments were conducted to find the optimal...

Authors: Tao Lin, Yan Jun Li, Cheng Yi Wu, Zhi Meng Guo

Abstract: The spherical tungsten powder was prepared by chemical reaction with ammonium tungstate and strong acids under ultrasonic and mechanical...

Authors: Yue Feng Yuan, Wen Ying Zhang, Xing Chang

Abstract: Cutting force experiments in turning aluminum-silicon alloy ZL104 are carried out with cement carbide tool YG8. The influence of cutting...

Authors: Haider A. F. Almurib, Haidar Fadhil Al-Qrimli, Nandha Kumar

Abstract: This paper describes the materials and the methods used to make a tensile test of composite materail. The experimental study is conducted to...


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