Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Xin Wei Shi, Xing Rui Li, Ning Yao, Xin Chang Wang, Kai Lan Song, Shui Zhang

Abstract: TiN thin films were deposited by Arc Ion Plating(AIP) with or without Magnetic Filter(AIP or MFAIP) on silicon(Si) and high-speed steel(HSS)...

Authors: S.L. Wei, L.H. Zeng, Z.Y. Zhong, J.H. Gu

Abstract: Aluminum-doped zinc oxide (AZO) thin films with highly (002)-preferred orientation were grown on glass substrates by rf magnetron...

Authors: Bao Guo Ma, Jing Ran Wang, Xiang Guo Li

Abstract: Solidification / stabilization (S/S) is a popular method for treating solid wastes containing heavy metals. In recent years, it shows...

Authors: Jing Pei Xie, Ai Qin Wang, Wen Yan Wang, Luo Li Li

Abstract: Erosion wear experiments on Nickel-Chromium cast iron were tested by MCF-30 erosion test machine. The structure and surface morphology of...

Authors: Wen Churng Lin, Rui Liu, Wein Duo Yang

Abstract: Iron-doped TiO2 photocatalyst powders were prepared by the sol–gel method and characterized by Brunauer–Emmett–Teller...

Authors: Zhong Guo Zhao, Zhen Wu Shi, Shuang Liu

Abstract: Using self-leveling cement mortar, we can make a solid flat surface economically in accordance with the requirements, which is widely...

Authors: Ke Xing Song, Yan Jun Zhou, Jun Wei, Yuan Jing Cai, Guan Feng Zhai, Yan Min Zhang, Ning Bai

Abstract: According to the high-tin wear-resisting Cu-Sn-Pb-Ni alloy which the tin contents are 9~11%, the alloy casting were prepared by adding 0.5%...

Authors: Shao Hong Li, Yue Guo Shen, Zhong Feng Shi

Abstract: The construction of position engineering causes a lot of naked earth slopes and rock slopes. Because the earth and rock lack of water...

Authors: Zhong Wei Pan, Chang Ma, Hai Long Zhou, Ting Lian, Chuan Ye Lai, Cheng Li

Abstract: The extraction behavior of metal ions (Hg2+ and Cd2+, M2+) was investigated in ionic liquid (IL) extraction...

Authors: Zhi Xiang Wang, Jian Yun Li, Feng Liu, Fu Sheng Yuan, Yang Liu

Abstract: Effect of different aging treatment on microstructure and properties of Cu-3Si-2Ni alloy was studied by measurements at room temperature...


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