Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Yong Zhang, Xiu Fang Wen, Pi Hui Pi, Da Feng Zheng, Zhi Qi Cai, Jiang Cheng, Zhuo Ru Yang

Abstract: The relationships between (meth)acrylate polymers structure and its film surface wettability were analyzed. A series of random...

Authors: Ling Li, Yong Chen, Hui Xu

Abstract: Hemicelluloses were extracted from coconut shell by ultrasound-assisted alkaline solution of hydrogen peroxide method. Chemical composition...

Authors: Wen Wen Shan, Fang Hua Zhu, Lin Zhang

Abstract: Palladium catalysis cross-coupling reaction has been widely used and played an important role in medical, new material and other fields. In...

Authors: Xin Hua Zhang, Jian Xin Liu, Zi Rong Chen, Xin Sheng Wang, Meng Yun Wang, Li Qing Ning

Abstract: Because of the requirements of building palisade structure, reinforced concrete members on the wall outside form thermal bridge. According...

Authors: Md. Safiuddin, Md. Abdus Salam, Mohd Zamin Jumaat

Abstract: Palm oil fuel ash is considered as an agro-waste material in Malaysia. Various investigations have been conducted on the use of palm oil...

Authors: Wei Li Li, Xiao Chen Liu, Jun Ci Cao

Abstract: New type Fe-Cu alloy is used in the bar of induction motor with compound cage rotor(IMCCR). In this paper, the preparation of three kinds of...

Authors: Kui Lin Deng, Ting Gao, Yu Bo Gou, Wei Wang, Peng Fei Zhang, Shu Liang Wang, Chun Yuan Huang, Hui Juan Shen

Abstract: In this paper, a new pH/temperature sensitive beads with core-shelled structure, composed of sodium alginate and poly(N-acryloylglycinate),...

Authors: Dong Mei Liu

Abstract: Effect of phosphorus slag and fly ash on anti-corrosion property of high belite cement has been researched in the paper. Results show that,...

Authors: Ke Xing Lou, Gong Xun Cao, Qiong You, Xiao Qing Zhang

Abstract: Piezoelectret films, with a controlled ordered microstructure and various porosities, were fabricated by using a patterning-fusion bonding...

Authors: Xiao Qi Li, Nei Yan Zhang, Yue Guo Shen

Abstract: In this study, poly(N,N-diethylacrylamide-co-itaconic acid) (P(DEA-co-IA)) copolymer hydrogels were synthesized by changing the initial...


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