Materials and Computational Mechanics

Volumes 117-119

doi: 10.4028/

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Authors: Quan An Li, Qing Zhang, Yao Gui Wang, Wei Zhou

Abstract: The effects of Ca on the mechanical properties of Mg-6Zn-3Al alloy have been investigated. The results show that the addition of 1wt.% Ca...

Authors: Yin Jie Wang, Ji Ping Liu, Ze Quan Liu, Xiao Bing Lu

Abstract: Si-doped lithium zirconate Li2SixZr(1-x)O3(0≤x≤0.4) sorbents were prepared by a solid-state...

Authors: Kui Lin Deng, Chun Yuan Huang, Peng Fei Zhang, Li Rong Dong, Dan Dan Li, Ting Gao, Shu Liang Wang, Wen Hui Jin

Abstract: In this paper, a new pH/temperature sensitive hydrogel bead (HME) with core-shelled structure as a drug delivery system was prepared using...

Authors: Mei Ling Tian, Jin Bao Wang, Xiao Qiao He

Abstract: Based on an explicit van der Waals (vdW) model, which can reproduce the interaction between any two layers of multi-walled carbon nanotube...

Authors: Yuan Xing Li, Dong Hua Fan, Hui Ren Peng, Bo Jie Li

Abstract: ZnO microsphere with aperture were synthesized using pure Zn powder as templates via thermal evaporation methods. X-ray diffraction pattern...

Authors: Yu Fang Chen, En Bo Wang, Yu Qin Guo, Wei Chen

Abstract: Based on the warm tension test and metallurgical microstructure observations, the change of the microstructure of B340/590DP dual-phase...

Authors: Ai Qin Wang, Jing Pei Xie, Wen Yan Wang, Ji Wen Li

Abstract: The WC and high-Cr cast iron layer were obtained on the surface of ZG30 steel by infiltration casting process, so the surface alloying of...

Authors: Xi Ran Wang, Xin Gang Hu, Wei Yuan Li

Abstract: In this work, the electroless plating Ni-Cu-P on aluminium is obtained successfully by direct Ni-Cu-P plating method. The effect of bath...

Authors: Xiang Yi Dong, Shu Fen Xiao, Zhong Chu

Abstract: Simulations are performed on atom substitution character in Ni-Al-V alloy based on microscopic phase-field model at 1046K. It was showed...

Authors: Yi Cheng Lin, Z. J. Chen, L. C. Wang

Abstract: This paper examines CuIn(Se,S)2 (CISS) films prepared by sputtering precursor films of In, Cu, and In2S3...


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