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Authors: Yu Hong Lu, Bai Yan Gong, Dong Xu
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:The thickness of metal base and anticorrosion is key indicators in evaluating the quality of corrugated sheet steel beams for guardrail,...
Authors: Zheng Chen, Lu Feng Yang, Qin Gao, Yi Wang, Qing Ge Feng
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:The relationship between the bound chloride and the free chloride in concrete is very important to the durability of concrete structures. The...
Authors: Yu Qing Zhang, Yong Ning Mi, Lin Zhao, Rong Hua Sun, Ying Zhang
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Slope protection is to ensure the safety of River embankment important infrastructure projects.the actual project--the Bird Island Park in...
Authors: Takumi Kobayashi, Kohshiroh Kitayama, Takeshi Uemori, Fusahito Yoshida
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:In sheet metal forming, the anisotropy and the Bauschinger effect of sheets affect greatly their formability. This paper discusses how the...
Authors: Hao Wu, You Ming Cao
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:PVC/BaSO4 composites were prepared by melt blending method. The mechanical properties, microstructure and thermal stability of the...
Authors: Liu Jie Xu, Bao Yuan Li, Ji Wen Li, Guo Shang Zhang, Shi Zhong Wei
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:High-alloy materials such as high chromium cast iron and high speed steel have excellent wear resistance under extreme wear conditions. But...
Authors: Xin Min, Jun Jie Bian, Shu Zhang, Chun Hu Li, Li Juan Feng
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Ceramic supported ferric oxide composites were synthesized by impregnation- precipitation (I) and sol-gel (II) methods using FeSO4...
Authors: Yong Sheng Ma, Lin Tong Wang, Xian Hui Sun
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Recycling of waste paper is demanded because of the shortage of forest resources, the pollution of environment and the scarcity of...
Authors: Gui Yang Yao, Wei Ping Hu, Huan Huan Tian
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:Compared with the column style of Chinese traditional and Western classical from chapiter, trunk, column base in detail. Analysis of the...
Authors: Yong Sheng Ma, Xian Hui Sun
Chapter 7: Functional Materials
Abstract:It is usually reported that chitosan is used as paper strengthening agent. However, it is sorry that the study choosing chitosan which DD...
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